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Kahlynn Holcomb
Kahlynn Holcomb is a new freshman at Heritage High School, which makes this her first year taking the Journalism class. She is fourteen with a passion for writing and loves to read books. Most of her time out of school is spent at cheerleading practices, traveling, and writing a fictional book with two of her friends. She is enrolled in all Honors classes while also being committed to the competition cheerleading team. As for traveling, Kahlynn has always wanted to travel the world, but if she could go one place out of them all, it would be Paris. Her first plane ride was the summer before she started high school, when her cousin flew her up to Minnesota, officially convincing her that traveling was the greatest thing ever. Considering she is still young, Kahlynn has a pretty good plan set for the future: attend a good college (preferably the University of Georgia and then Georgetown University for law school), majoring in something along the lines of psychology or sociology. After graduating college, she hopes to, at one point or another, become a lawyer. If she plays her cards right, she even plans to get into politics, something that has recently piqued her interest.

Kahlynn Holcomb, Staff Writer

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Kahlynn Holcomb