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Lilyan Anderson
Lilyan Anderson is a fourteen-year-old freshman at Heritage High School this year. She hopes to do well academically and make new friends. Though she loses more than she wins, she likes to participate in wrestling, watch “Supernatural,” write fanfiction, listen to music, practice dance, and hang out with her friends.

She wants to get involved in the school more through Journalism and projects like going to Nicaragua. Friends and family are very important to her, and the thought of giving people whatever they want or need makes her happy, as she likes to spoil her friends. She can’t wait to get her driver’s license and her first job. She wants to go to a school like the Busan School of Arts in Korea to be a choreographer or go to school to be a writer for shows on Broadway.

Even though her freshman year started during a pandemic, she’s excited about just being able to go to school and see her peers and teachers and can’t wait to see what happens throughout the year.

Lilyan Anderson

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Lilyan Anderson