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Maggie Hurst
Maggie Hurst is a senior here at Heritage High School. She is seventeen years old and is looking forward to being a part of Journalism, as this is her first time taking the class. She is beginning to learn the many different responsibilities of the class, such as helping to create this year’s yearbook. Journalism helps ensure that the yearbook’s layout is very current and practical, with various colors and vast amounts of pictures. Although Maggie has never been a part of the Journalism class before, she can’t wait to take part in it and all that it entails. Maggie Hurst has two younger brothers. She has lived in Ringgold all her life and has never traveled outside of the South. She hopes to go to college to pursue occupational therapy after graduation. Because she is interested in the medical field, she has taken the majority of classes here at Heritage that correlate with the medical field and all that entails. Maggie also plays select volleyball during the spring and has done so competitively for seven years. Her hobbies include various outdoors activities: she often goes swimming, hiking, jogging, etc. She is looking forward to the upcoming semester and all of which that it consists of, particularly the Journalism class and the creation of the 2019-20 yearbook.

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

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Maggie Hurst