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Noah Pennington
Noah Scott Pennington is an 18-year-old senior at Heritage High School. This final year, he really wants to make a lasting impact on the school any way he can. Rather it be from the countless amounts of friends he makes or the activities he partakes in. He prides himself on how involved in his music career he is. Just to name a few things he’s done over the past seven years, he’s been involved in the school’s Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, the Chattanooga Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Legion of Generals marching band, as well as Atlanta CV and a few more activities. It is pretty safe to say that he is more-or-less obsessed with music. Whenever he is not doing any of those aforementioned activities, one can find Noah playing video games with his close-knit group of ragtag friends, writing his own music, practicing and honing his DJing prowess, or listening to music. He is planning on attending Jacksonville State University to pursue a career in music (believe it or not), but for now, he’s just a kid attending Heritage High School.

Noah Pennington, Staff Writer

Feb 04, 2020
A Woman(da) Named Amanda (Story)
Noah Pennington