Two Years in the Making: Heritage vs. Ringgold Football Preview


Miles Clark, Staff Writer

Last year, the biggest game of the Heritage Football Schedule was canceled because of rapidly climbing Covid cases in Catoosa County Schools. As a result, the hatred between these two schools has only grown stronger.

This past summer has been much more mentally focused than it’s been in the past for the Generals. Pretty much every single day, no matter what the circumstances were, Coach Slaughter gave a “Mental Training” lesson to players. Coach taught the team a military breathing technique that has been proven to lower your heart rate in a short amount of time in a recent lesson. These Mental Training lessons were meant to improve the character of the players on and off the field. Coach taught players how to live life to their full potential at all times, and how to thrive as a man.

Finishing with an overall record of 6-4 last season, the Generals have more than half of their varsity starters coming back. With the more mentally challenging type of focus, the players coming back are prepared to do whatever it takes to win. This is also one of the strongest teams the Generals have put together in years. This past week of practice, a major focus has been staying true to yourself, and blocking out everything negative through all of the noise. This will be vital for a memorable performance on Friday.

With an overall record of 10-2 last year, Ringgold lost a great deal of their starters from last season. Although they may have lost a great deal of players, the Tigers are not a team to be underestimated. After missing the chance to play against the Generals, they are just as hungry as we are to come out on top.
This upcoming season is going to be one to remember. Quite possibly the most exciting game on the Generals schedule will be the upcoming Ringgold game. As previously mentioned, the hatred between these two schools has only grown stronger over the two year hiatus. Heritage coaches, and players alike, are foaming at the mouth for Friday’s game. Coach Gibson says,”I’m looking forward to a fast, physical, battle on the field.” Shots on and off social media are going back and forth between these schools, and the anticipation for this game has never been higher. Coach Slaughter says, “To win today, we have to play at our maximum potential as men, and players.”

Tension is high, and anticipation is even higher. This is one of the most exciting matchups the Generals have had in years. If you have nothing else going on this Friday, you would regret not showing up for the game.