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2018-2019 Staff

Hannah Roberts


Hannah Roberts has been in journalism for all four years of her high school experience, and, as a senior, she is ready for her final year here at Heritage. She previously worked in the News section, as News Editor, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the online newspaper. She is also involved in a variety of clubs here at Heritage, including Book Club, ACT Club, Creative Writing Club, Beta Club, and Na...

Emma Delaney

News Writer

Emma Delaney is a freshman at Heritage High with a passion for the authenticity and a penchant for writing. She is keen on many less touched-on topics and puts time and effort into being well-versed on them. She is grounded, investigative, and enjoys research and communication. Emma is eager to further develop her skills as a writer, get feedback and criticism, delve into new topics, and bring what...

Cassie Case

News Writer

Cassie is a senior.  Her favorite color is sparkles, and she loves cows. She enjoys spending time with friends doing different activities, such as hanging out in her favorite coffee shop and walking around town. She’s in band, and plans to continue with music in her career. Going to Jacksonville State University has been a dream of hers for several years. She wishes to major in music education, st...

Shane Morehead

Entertainment Writer

Shane Morehead is a fifth-time Journalism student and a first-time junior. He has written for three different editors, two teachers, both the News and Entertainment departments, but just one school. Shane plans to change that from college and beyond. Among the things he most enjoys in life are his chickens, their eggs, the company of friends, and the laughter of others. Two of which are typically pres...

Makaela Patten

Entertainment Writer

Makaela Patten is a Junior at Heritage and a third-time journalism student. Having already written for the General Journal her Freshman and Sophomore years, she’s excited to see what this year will bring. Makaela enjoys many things such as hanging out with her friends, painting, writing, the color yellow, taking pictures, vintage clothing, making jewelry, and listening to music. She doesn’t have he...

Ian Shank

Entertainment Writer

This is Yearbook Editor-In-Chief Ian Shank’s sixth time in Heritage’s Journalism class. Having been a participant in the organization since freshman year, Ian has learned a lot since then and is ready to go out with thunderous applause. Ian is currently planning on majoring in English while in college. After which, he would like to get a job in publishing. Apart from school, Ian can be found w...

Paige Johnson

Sports Writer

Paige Johnson is a freshman at Heritage High School, and this is her first year taking journalism. She is enrolled in all honor classes and would like to go to Berry College after graduating high school. She would like to major in journalism or psychiatry. In her freetime, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching television. Paige has a passion for writing and is thrilled to be involved in journalism. S...

Karli Thornburg

Sports Writer

Karli Thornburg is a sophomore at Heritage, and it’s her first year taking Journalism. She is a soccer player and has been for 3 years now. She likes to hang out with friends, write, and eat. After high school, Karli plans on going to college for writing and photography. She loves any type of animals. Karli has 3 dogs and a cat. Her dogs’ names are Ace, Koda, and Ben. Her cat’s name is Binks....