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2017-2018 Staff

Hannah Wann

Entertainment Writer

Hannah Wann is a senior at Heritage High School. This is her second semester in Journalism and writing for “The General Journal” but her first time writing for the Entertainment section. Hannah plans to attend Austin Peay State University and pursue a career in investigative journalism, so taking Journalism in high school is a good stepping stone for that career. In her free time, Hannah can be...

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Vinson Veal

Sports Editor

Vinson Veal is a senior here at Heritage and also dual enrolls at Dalton State College. This semester marks his third semester as part of the Journalism staff. Vinson is excited to see how the new semester with Mr. Peace will go. His favorite part of Journalism is helping to plan the yearbook, The Legacy. He likes the fact that he is part of something that creates lasting memories for his fellow classma...

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Emily Smith

News Writer

Emily Smith is a sophomore at Heritage High School. She is 15 and lives in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. She is a swimmer and has been for 5 years now. She is also apart of the ASL Honor Society. She enjoys drawing, painting, and signing but mainly hanging out with friends. After graduation, Emily plans to go to UGA for college and hopefully get a degree in teaching and sign language. This is Emily’...

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Sydney Shaver

Entertainment Writer

Sydney Shaver is in her junior year at Heritage High School, and this is her third semester in the Journalism class. She enjoys reading, writing and listening to music. Her favorite genre of music is musicals. Her favorites are “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Waitress,” “Heathers the Musical,” “Be More Chill,” and “Hamilton.” She prefers to listen to music while she works, so she usually ends ...

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Hannah Roberts

News Editor

Hannah Roberts is a junior at Heritage High School. She took journalism for the first time when she was only a freshman, and she is currently in her third semester. She has always been in the News section, and she is now the editor. Hannah hopes to have a career in English and creative writing and has previously been published in three different anthologies. She travels often and has been to multiple ...

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Makaela Patten

Entertainment Writer

Makaela Patten is a sophomore at Heritage and a second-time Journalism student. Previously writing for the News section, she is eager to see what the Entertainment section has to offer. Makaela enjoys drawing/painting, photography, writing short stories/poetry, hanging out with her friends, and scouting out new local restaurants. She is a huge indie rock music enthusiast, her favorite bands/musicians be...

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Cade Ogle

Sports Writer

Cade Ogle is a fun-loving 18-year-old who loves to make others laugh. Cade enjoys the finer things in life, such as sleeping and video games. He also enjoys comic books, and he watches a lot of TV. Cade also loves to run track and compete in the triple jump event. He lives with his mother and father on a beautiful farm with his cats and dogs and his parrot. Cade loves his family and friends more tha...

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Shane Morehead

Entertainment Editor

Shane Morehead is a sophomore and a fourth-time Journalism student. He has written for both News and Entertainment and is currently the Entertainment Editor. He is the proud author of over seventy published articles. He moved here from Massachusetts six years ago and plans to stay here for college, possibly for life. Shane’s biggest heroes are Dr. Connor Harlan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Nha...

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Grace James

Entertainment Writer

Grace James is a member of the Junior Class here at Heritage High School. While at HHS, she has been actively involved in theatrical productions. Grace has been perfecting her craft for many years in school and community acts and plays. Theatre has always been near and dear to her heart. She has been acting since the age of 10 and has experienced much enjoyment within the HHS Drama Club. She had the...

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Josh Garcia

Entertainment Writer

This is Joshua Garcia. He’s the tenor drum section leader at Heritage High School, a member of the Beta Club, National Honor Society, and the Student Government Association. He may sound like a guy who does nothing but school work and who studies every night, but he’s actually a pretty fun guy. In his free time, he loves to hang out with his friends and make goofy, happy memories just like every ...

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Alyssa Craig

News Writer

Alyssa Craig is a 17-year-old senior at Heritage High School. She’s lived in Ringgold, Georgia for about four years but grew up mostly in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Right now, she plans to attend University of Georgia to major in social work. Alyssa enjoys drawing, listening to music, and drinking tea. Occasionally, she may be seen doing all at once. She’s also a big reader and movie watcher, b...

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Rick Blaylock

News Writer

Rick is 18 and loves music. He played for the Legion of Generals drumline. He enjoys listening to music and making new music of his own. Family, friends and being social are very important to him. He feels that being connected to other people is a need for everyone. Rick lives on a small farm and has cows, goats, and dogs for now. He is a fun, exciting person to be around and loves to make others happy....

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Ian Shank


Junior Ian Shank has a lot on his plate this year. He will be filling in former Editor-In-Chief Connor Harlan’s shoes. He plans on breathing new life into the General Journal and The Legacy yearbook. This will be his fourth time in Journalism and is excited to see where the year goes. In his free time, Ian likes to watch movies, read the latest rumors of what might be happening at Walt Disney World,...

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Jacob Hanshaw

Sports Writer

Jacob Hanshaw is a senior at Heritage High School. He is 16 years old and lives in Ringgold, Georgia. He plays soccer and has done so throughout high school. He used to live in Delano, Tennessee, but moved to Ringgold when he was in 7th grade. He has never been a part of a newspaper but is looking forward to it. He has been to Puerto Rico twice and really enjoys going there. He can speak Spanish and...

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Garrett Peace


Mr. Garrett Peace is in his fourth year as a teacher at Heritage High School, where he teaches 9th Grade English, Honors British Literature, and Journalism. A 2010 alum of Heritage High School, Mr. Peace went on to graduate summa cum laude from Berry College in 2014, receiving his B.A. in English and returning to Ringgold soon after. Mr. Peace greatly enjoys reading and writing but is widely known...

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Rowdy Henson

News Writer

Rowdy Henson is a senior at Heritage High School. His sophomore year, he was elected the first president of the Nerd Herd. After his term ended, he craved for something more, so he, along with a few friends, started the Karaoke Club. He is known for his patriotism, his love of tacos, and his adoration of the Bee Gees. He considers himself a music connoisseur. A multi-instrumentalist, he works as a professional musi...

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Morgan Terry

Sports Writer

Morgan Terry is currently a sophomore at Heritage High School. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, working out, running, and dancing in her free time. When she graduates from high school, she plans to attend UGA. As for Journalism, this is her first time taking the class, but she has a huge passion for writing, as well as taking pictures, so she is very excited to pursue it and learn more about it....

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Lauren Gruenberg

Entertainment Writer

Lauren Gruenberg is a senior at Heritage High School, and it’s also her first year as a contributing member of The General Journal staff. She has lived in Ringgold, Georgia all of her life, except for one year when she was living in Sarasota, Florida as an infant. She now lives with her father, step-mother, two brothers, and two step-siblings at home. Lauren has always enjoyed writing, and she’s ...

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Rachel Body

Entertainment Writer

Rachel Body is a senior at Heritage High School. She has been on the spirit and competition cheer team all four years, and she loves it! This is her first semester taking journalism and being apart of The General Journal. When Rachel graduates, she plans to attend college away from home and study psychology. She loves to be around friends, eat, and take plenty of naps. Rachel looks forward to the upc...

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Hayden Poe

Sports Writer

Hayden Poe is a senior at HHS. He swam in the Catoosa Swim Club his freshman and sophomore year but quit so that he could start working and have more time to spend with friends and family. He isn't quite sure what to expect from Journalism, but he is optimistic and looking forward to making the yearbook and writing articles for the newspaper. He spends most of his time at work or at home on his compu...

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Kayla Davenport

News Writer

Kayla Davenport is a freshman at HHS, and this is her first year working on The General Journal. She is a dog enthusiast who loves playing tennis and painting pottery. She thoroughly enjoys sleeping and even considers it a hobby. In school, her favorite subject is science, however she takes joy in learning from all of her classes. Even though she has her entire high school career ahead of her, she is ...

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Shane Morehead

Entertainment Writer

Shane Morehead is a sophomore and a third-time Journalism student. He has written for both Entertainment and News and enjoyed both of them. Shane picked Journalism with no knowledge about the class, and he happened to like it. His biggest heroes are Dr. Connor Harlan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and himself. He moved here from Massachusetts six years ago and plans on staying in Georgia for colle...

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