Evan Wamsley and Stuff

John Hurst, Staff Writer


John Hurst

To Evan Wamsley, a 17 year-old senior at Heritage, soccer is more than just a game. It’s his escape from reality and troubles in life. For the past 15 years he has spent his summer

s, weekends, and free time on the field mastering his craft. What started as just a thing to pass some time has become the best thing in his life. He even was first team all region last season. Evan wanted to share why he loves soccer so Evan said, “I love soccer because I’m kinda good at it, and I play it with my friends.”

There is more to Evan than just soccer though. He also works at Lakeshore Marina with his friends John Hurst, and Bryce and Braden McGee. He works as a dockhand, so he has to do pretty much everything all around the marina. From pulling boats, to docking them, or to just taking the trash out. One of his favorite things to do after work is taking out the jet skis and boat with his friends. “The jet skis are a very nice perk of working at the Lakeshore Marina, which is already very good,” said Evan about work. One of his flaws is his clumsiness. (Which has caused him to fall in the water at work many times and is quite amusing to his friends.) After work he and the “Boat Boys” go out to eat at various locations, but on “Steak Sunday” they always go to Texas Roadhouse. “I love “Steak Sunday” because I get to hang out with my bestest buds, and have a great meal,” said Evan.

In his free time Evan likes to listen to music such as rap, country, and classic rock. He also thinks about what he will do later in life. He said after that he wanted to go to UGA for a business degree but he is unsure what job he would want after that. Though he isn’t the best, Evan also enjoys golf and fishing in his free time. Evan also has a dog named Marley. Due to Evan being one of my best friends I hope he has a successful future in soccer this season and in life after High School.

John Hurst