Kendra Collins: a Fashionista

Azrael Woody, Staff Writer

Azrael Woody

Kendra Collins, a 12th grader who currently attends Heritage High School, has a desire to listen to music. Music tends to be one of the things that she uses the most in her life. Along with this, she has also said, “I go on Tik-Tok for hours on end. I watch Netflix sometimes, and that is about it. I do not do a lot.” She spends her free time mostly on her phone, which is very common these days for most teenagers. A typical activity for Kendra is to set up her phone and create what most grandparents would call “Ticky Tocks”. Along with this she continuously watches “Attack on Titan”, and it is said that her favorite character, who is very controversial around the world, is Zeke Jaeger.

Currently Kendra participates in a few different activities at school including FCCLA and FCA. She had joined these extracurricular activities for a few reasons, and as she mentions, “I joined FCCLA because my friend asked me to come to a meeting with her.” FCCLA was more of an influence from a friend. Kendra has also mentioned, “I joined FCA kind of out of spite for a former friend, but I realized that I shouldn’t have joined out of spite. And that I should join for my love of Jesus.” She doesn’t know exactly what she enjoys about FCA, although she shows up only to the normal meetings. Something she enjoys at FCA is when everyone can be together in a new light.

Kendra has a passion for fashion. After high school Kendra plans on going to college, and she has said, “I would like to be a fashion historian, but in order to do that I have to get a bachelor’s in art history.” She is not quite sure which college she plans to go to. Along with extracurricular activities, and the talk about school, Kendra’s classes this year are: Journalism, Intro to Graphics and Design, Economics, and British Literature. Although, currently her least favorite class is Economics, or as some people call it Econ.

Even though Kendra is typically not one to dislike certain traits, she despises when she encounters liars. She dislikes that people don’t tell the truth, and has the opinion that they have no reason to lie. Although, there are three things in particular that Kendra can stand: her mother, grandmother, and friends. Kendra explains, “I have a couple of people like my friends. I don’t have a lot of friends. My mom means a lot to me. Well, it has been just me, her, and my sister for a while. Obviously, my grandma because she does a lot even though she doesn’t have a lot of time.” Kendra prides herself in her family and friends, and she believes that having her friends means quality over quantity.

It isn’t a wish for death, but it is a wish for a “cool” death. Kendra wishes to go out in an extraordinary way. An explosion or something close to that would be one of her ideal ways to die. She referenced wanting a death similar to a movie. Despite the fact that she has a call for an extravagant, gruesome death, she truly does have a good heart. Kendra wishes for the world to be a better place, and if she could end anything in the world to make it a better place she would choose to end racism. As said, “I know this is from a white girl saying this, but like it’d be better if there wasn’t racism in the world.” Along with racism she also wishes to end misogyny. She is a girl who only wishes to live her life to her fulfillment. Among other people, Kendra Collins is as bright as a star, and is as dull as the sun.

Azrael Woody