Introducing Katherine Ceballos

Hailee Cicili, Staff Writer

Katherine Ceballos is a 15-year-old sophomore at Heritage High School. 

In her free time she enjoys reading books and playing soccer. She was on a soccer team outside of school, the Red Wolves in Chattanooga, and loved being on it. ¨I didn’t like the coach or the practices,¨ she said, ¨but I loved the games.¨

After school she would like to go to college, but she does not know for what. She wants to go to a college out of state to be in new surroundings and meet new people. 

Someone who means a lot to her is her mom. She said, “My mom helps me when I’m having a hard day. She is always there for me and helps me through the day. I can always talk to her.¨ 

Her classes this semester are Journalism, 10th grade English, Spanish III Honors, and US History Honors. Katherine said her favorite class is Spanish because it is easy. Since she is already a Latin speaker, her least favorite subject is English. 

H. Cicili

For pets, Katherine has two dogs. The first is a ¨chiweenie,¨ a chihuahua and a weiner dog mixed, named ¨Bella.¨ He is around twelve or thirteen years old. The other one is a cocker spaniel named ¨Hershey.¨ Katherine has had the dogs since she was a young girl. 

Katherine  is working hard trying to get her diploma and go to college.