Heritage’s New Teachers: Get to Know Mr. Edwards

Miles Clark, Staff Writer

Mr. Edwards is one of the newest members of the Heritage High School staff. Before becoming the current Public Safety teacher, Mr. Edwards spent 12 years as a deputy sheriff with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s office for 15 years. After his time as a deputy sheriff, he spent 6 years as the resource officer at Lakeview Middle School. Mr. Bradford said, “When I first met Mr. Edwards he was coaching Middle School track at Lakeview Middle. One of the first things that stuck out to me was that he was very involved.”

During his time as a resource officer, Mr. Edwards began to really enjoy working with students and teachers alike. He learned the ins and outs of certain technology, and how the school system works. This knowledge would work to his benefit in the near future. His interest in education was on the rise. Eventually, Mr. Edwards went back to college to pursue a career as a teacher. After years of working towards a career in education, the Public Safety job opened up here at Heritage, and Mr. Edwards instantly quickly applied for the job.

So far, Mr. Edwards has thrived as the new Public Safety teacher. According to Mr. Bradford, “He’s already fit in very well here at Heritage.” In his first couple of weeks here, Mr. Edwards has greatly enjoyed his time teaching. Mr. Edwards even says, “What sets HHS apart from other schools is how willing everyone is to help others. I have had several teachers offer to help in any way they can, even though they may not be familiar with the material being taught in my class.” 

Mr. Edwards cares about his kids gaining the information his class has to offer, but his number one goal as a teacher is to make sure that every student leaves his class as a better version of themselves. 

After years of law enforcement, Mr. Edwards is off to a great start to his new career in teaching. If you have Mr. Edwards during your time here at Heritage, know you will be in good hands.