Heritage’s New Teachers: Ms. Lutgen is Coming Back to Her Origins

Azrael Woody, Staff Writer

On August 8th, 2022, Taylor Lutgen, a new math teacher at Heritage High School, came back to her own origins of education. After an interview with the principal, and an interview with Ms. Lutgen herself many words could be used to describe her. Ambitious, determined, inspired, and hopeful are some of the words she used. She has already created an impact on her students, and she will continue to grow those throughout the year.

M. Petteys

Ms. Lutgen was described by Mr. Ronnie Bradford, the principal, to have been an “amazing” student during her years at Heritage. It had been said that Ms. Lutgen made a big impression during her years at Heritage. Mr. Bradford said, “I remember her as a student. She and her sister both went to Heritage. They were both really involved, and were really good students.” Ms. Lutgen is seen by Mr. Bradford with great potential. She is seen as knowledgeable and determined. When she was setting up her class form for her first year she had gone around to other teachers to observe their classrooms; Mr. Bradford said that this quality about her was very impressive.

Ms. Lutgen is said to be fitting in well with the other teachers, and so far she has not come face to face with any troubles regarding her fitting in. She is described as being calm and kind. She has created another great personality of a teacher here at Heritage. Ms. Lutgen applied to Heritage due to her being a former student. Along with this she said, “I knew that the atmosphere was going to be good, and I know a lot of the other teachers. I knew it would be fun, and a fun place to work at.” She described the school to be inspiring to herself and others, and she had wanted to use this opportunity to make the same difference Heritage made for her when she was in school.

Before Ms. Lutgen came to Heritage to teach her own subject, she was a student teacher for Kristin Rokitowski at Ooltewah High School. Kristin is a math teacher currently at Ooltewah. She had said that to be all she had done before coming to Heritage. If Ms. Lutgen didn’t get the opportunity to work for Heritage she had said, “If I couldn’t teach here I think I would have taught at Ooltewah High School because I did my student teaching there, and I knew all of the math teachers.” She had told her time there to be influencing, and she felt comfortable in the atmosphere.

Azrael Woody

There is a teacher here at Heritage who inspired Ms. Lutgen to become who she is today. When she attended here a teacher had to step out of the classroom, and the teacher asked Ms. Lutgen to take her place teaching the class. She said that this experience made her feel confident in her ability to teach. It not only helped her to have more sense of the subject, but it also in the moment helped the other students to learn the subject better. She felt it was a compliment towards her, and took it as an idea for her career to go into.

There was an important question asked to Ms. Lutgen that was requested by Mr. Peace. She was asked what her opinion was on people who wore sneakers with formal clothing. She announced that she thought it was a powerful move. That the people who wear sneakers with formal clothing are more powerful. She said according to this subject, “If they got the bow tie, or a tie going with it. That is bread and butter right there. You can’t get better than sneakers and your bow tie.” She was very passionate about the subject, and she described her opinion to be superior to those who think the opposite.

Ms. Lutgen is looking to having an amazing year, and she is hoping to create amazing memories. She is working towards making this year memorable for the students and herself.