What’s a Stiles?

Katherine Ceballos, Staff Writer

Teen Wolf is a six season MTV series that can be seen on Hulu. The show takes place in a small town called Beacon Hills. The main character is Scott McCall, a high school student, who gets bitten by “The Beast” at the beginning of the show; this turns him into a werewolf. The side character is his best friend Stiles, who isn’t supernatural. There are a few more characters that are a part of Scott’s “Pack”. Like every series there are antagonists, but the villains in this series change every season. So each season they defeat the villain, and a new threat arrives the next. Season one’s threats included wolf hunters. Season two has a hunter that has turned into some type of supernatural creature.  Season three’s rival is the “Darach”, which is basically a villain that has come back over hundreds of years and takes over a person’s body. 

Photo from @teenwolf on Instagram

Season four’s enemy is an old hunter that turned supernatural. Season five’s nemesis are the Dread Doctors. They wanted to resurrect a supernatural creature named the Beast; it’s the most powerful wolf. They try to bring back the Beast by creating experiments on teenagers in Beacon Hills. Season six opponents are the Ghost Riders. They were brought by the Dread Doctors. The Ghost Riders main goal was to take people’s souls, and erase them from everyone’s memory. Along with the Ghost Riders another competition are the hunters. As well as the people of the town who are fearing the supernatural. Due to some sort of supernatural creature that purposely feeds off of people’s fears.

Throughout the seasons many bad things have happened to Stiles that shouldn’t have. For example, if it wasn’t for Stiles they wouldn’t know many things that were going on in Beacon Hills. This is because Stiles had installed a radio with the police communications system in his Jeep. His dad was the sheriff who also helped him get information, and kept the identity of the supernatural a secret. In season three the Darach had taken over Stiles. He would be known as Void Stiles. He wasn’t in control of his body/mind anymore, and the Darach killed many civilians in rituals. This all happened while he was in Stiles’s body and had plans to take over Beacon Hills. 

It took a while for Scott and others to free him, but meanwhile Stiles was suffering from not remembering all the rituals and killings of the people in the town. In season six where the Ghost Riders have taken Stiles’s and everyone else’s soul to a train station somewhere where no one could reach them. They were there because the myth was that if you had gotten caught you would ride with the Riders forever. Everyone had forgotten about him because the Ghost Riders erased everyone’s memories of him. He was trapped in the train station for months. The only person that tried to remember Stiles was Lydia. She was a girl that he had loved since high school. 

When Lydia was telling Scott and the others that someone named Stiles existed no one believed her, not even Scott. His own father didn’t want to believe it. This is because that would mean that Stiles’s mom wasn’t real because when Stiles was born his mom was already sick. Therefore he grew up without knowing her. Overall many bad things happened to Stiles that shouldn’t have. Many fans enjoyed watching the show because Stiles was the funny side character.

 People on Teen Wolf Wiki and Reddit say that Scott and his friends should have appreciated him more, due to the fact that he was willing to die for them many times. Stiles is also on the top 10 characters that deserved better in their shows on Screen Rant. They express how it was awful that they had villainized him with Void Stiles. Just because he was always loyal to his friends and didn’t deserve all the awful things that happened to him. In the end he deserved more credit throughout the show from his friends.