Homecoming Court: Lydia Locke

Katherine Ceballos, Staff Writer

M. Petteys

Lydia Locke is a senior representative for this year’s 2022 homecoming. She was previously nominated to be a representative her freshman year. “Whenever I heard that I was going to represent our school I was very proud of myself and amazed that I would be with other beautiful girls that were also picked, ”Lydia said. She believes it’s a great honor to be able to experience being a part of homecoming. One word that she used to describe herself is humble. “I believe that I am humble because I’ve gone through a lot in my life and feel like I can relate to others, and their situations,” she explained. Most importantly Lydia is very excited to be able to represent her grade and have a great time getting dressed up and being with those she loves the most. Although, she’s also nervous because she doesn’t want to let down the legacy of representing her grade. She also doesn’t want to let down the other nominees because she wants them to have a great time. This is because she knows that getting picked is very special. She hopes that all of the girls have a great time and enjoy homecoming.

Without a doubt she chose Mrs. Oliver for the homecoming pep rally to be her escort. Lydia chose her because, “I’ve known Mrs. Oliver since I was little and she was with me growing up. We are very close and I feel like I can always go to her when I need someone to talk to.” Additionally, for homecoming night she chose her brother to escort her. She chose him because her brother is the male role model in her life, and he has always been there for her when she needed help. 

It should be noted that Lydia is very active in extra curricular activities in school. She’s been part of the cheer team since 8th grade and loves it, and she is also in the NHS. Outside of school Lydia works getting better at cheer, but she mostly works during the afternoon. She works at Farm To Fork and loves working there. After high school Lydia plans on going to Georgia Southern University to get an elementary teaching degree. Overall Lydia hopes to have an amazing time at homecoming.