Homecoming Court: Caleigh Jackson


Hailee Cicili, Staff Writer

M. Petteys

Most people would say Caleigh Jackson a caring, talented, and hard working young women. The one word she would use to describe herself is determined because “when I want to get it done, I will get it done.” She also is a part of a lot of school activities such as band, choir, musical theater, and she is also the sophomore class president. This is also her second year being nominated as class homecoming representative.  Even though she has done this before all the nerves are coming back. She is most nervous that she may trip in front of everyone, and also that it is all in such a small amount of time that it feels like she may not have enough time for what she needs to do.  Caleigh is also happy the reasoning being she says it is truly exciting that her class is counting on her again. Her first escort will be Mrs. Parker at the homecoming pep rally she picked her because Mrs. Parker is so special to her.  Also because when she had come in and been nominated as a little freshman she was right there helping her, and Mrs. Parker is just so kind and she loves her so much. Her homecoming game escort is her father because she thinks you’re supposed to pick your father, but also because he is a true inspiration to her and she is proud of the things he has done.  After high school she says she wants to go to college to be in the medical field, but she does not know for what degree just yet. Now one thing you may not know about Caleigh is that she actually has two parakeets. She says this is such a blessing to be nominated once again.