Wayne Ingle, Adviser

It’s really pretty simple:

#1. To secure a spot in the senior section of the 2015 HHS yearbook, you must have a formal photograph taken and a casual photograph taken. The formal shot must be turned-in to the journalism staff by the time you leave for Christmas break.

#2. If you’ve had–or are going to have–your portrait taken by Prestige Lifetouch, you are set. Prestige sets up a web site that only the journalism staff can access, and they will be able to see all the photos—formal and casual alike—you had taken. You will be called-in to pick which shot or shots you want in the yearbook. The only proviso is that you need to have your photos taken by Prestige Lifetouch by the end of November.

#3. You are not required to use Prestige Lifetouch. You ARE required to have portrait-oriented (not landscape) shots, and the formal must be on a neutral background with young men in black bow tie and tux and girls in navy/black drape. No facial piercings as per the dress code. As well, casual photos must follow the dress code. If you use a photographer other than Prestige Lifetouch, you must bring Mr. Ingle copies of the formal and the casual photos you want in the yearbook. These can be actual photos to scan or high-quality photo files. They can be on disc or thumb drive, or you can email them to [email protected]

#4. Your casual photos do not have to be studio shots. Many students use a favorite high-quality picture taken by a friend or family member. As with the formal photos, casual shots can be submitted on disc or thumb drive or by email.

RECAP: Turn in formal shots by Christmas break. Schedule Prestige Lifetouch shots by the end of November. You don’t have to bring in Prestige Lifetouch shots. You DO have to bring in photos taken by any other photographer. You have until February 13 to turn-in your casual pose.