Leaves, Trees, & General IDs


Evan Wamsley, Staff Writer

FFA competitions are very different from your average competitions. The competition is split up into 3 sections: 50 General ID items, a 4 point GPS course, and a team test. For the first task contestants are asked to identify leaves, skulls, animal pellets, scat, and etc. For the next part of the competition contestants are given 4 GPS points and are asked to find these places. The final section as a group contestants are asked questions and they have to answer as a group. Then each team gets scored based on how well they did. Here at Heritage Mrs. Handy leads the FFA team. She was especially proud of Morgan Haney who made a floral design with a fabulous arrangement, ranking 3rd overall. Since covid started this was the first competition back. Mrs. Handy says, “We’re excited to be back in person and competing once more.” She expands by saying, “We’ve got a really great group this year and I am excited to see how they do at the state contest.“ Everyone on the team is hoping to get 1st at state, just like any other team would strive for. So, as you can see, FFA competitions are different from the rest of competitions, but still intriguing.