All I Want for Christmas is a Good Headline~

Evan Wamsley, Staff Writer

When it comes to Christmas everybody has that one memory they will never forget. For Mrs. Nix it’s when, “I got a tumbling baby doll and a little baby bed to go with it, and my brother stood in the baby bed and busted the bottom out of it. My Thumbelina baby doll fell on the ground, and I thought she was dead.” As you can tell Mrs. Nix was traumatized at a very young age. To deal with this she loves to watch “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” or anything Hallmark. She also loves the song “Noel” by Lauren Daigle. Her Christmas list is standing strong with only one request, cowboy boots. She likes to celebrate the Christmas holidays with her 6 grandchildren.

Mrs. Lonas is a very busy person, bouncing around from house to house on Christmas day. She says, “I celebrate at my grandparents house, then my parents house, and afterwards my in-laws house. We will go to all 3 places within 2 hours.” Once home she loves to watch the movie “Santa Claus”(the one with Tim Allen). This Christmas she really wants Mississippi State basketball tickets. She says her favorite Christmas memory was when, “I was eight running into the living room and had a blue Swin bike waiting on me, I was super pumped.” I bet she had a blast riding that bike.

Elijah Langford (11th grade) has immaculate taste in music. Specifically, his favorite is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. All he wants for Christmas is money, nothing but money. He celebrates the holidays with all of his family and friends. He says, “Seven score years ago is when I discovered the truth about Santa.” What a pinhead.

When Connor Richardson (12th grade) goes to sit on Santa’s lap this year he plans to ask for a Toyota Tocoma to come pick up a brand new fishing boat. He also wants another kayak. His favorite Christmas movie has to be “Home Alone” because he loves Macaulay Culkin. A holiday memory he will never forget is when he got a steering wheel for his Xbox and when he went to use it, it wouldn’t work. He was very, very sad after this. He figured out the truth about Santa when he saw his mom kissing him. A normal Christmas day for Connor consists of him going to his granny’s, eating, and then opening presents. After this possibly go to his dad’s house, but not always.

I think Patrick Moyer (12th grade) has an addiction to the movie “Bad Santa.” Every time I hang out with him, he is watching it. I didn’t know it was possible to watch a single movie that many times. His favorite Christmas memory has to be in second grade when his class had a party and he drank hot chocolate with John Hurst. He celebrates the holidays with his family at his grandmother’s house. He says, “I never believed in Santa, I always knew he was fake.” What a shame. He has no Christmas spirit.