The Life of Lorelai: Introducing Lorelai Canady

Hailey Drafahl, Staff Writer

Lorelai Canady is a freshman at Heritage High School. She is currently taking Journalism as well as Honors American Government, From Here To Career, and Honors Algebra 1. “I’m only a freshman so I don’t have a ton of experience, but I really like the classes and the teachers and the friends and all the opportunities [at HHS],” she said.

Canady’s birthday is October 12, 2007, and, at 15 years old, she is one of the oldest kids of her class. She has grown up in Ringgold, Georgia, and always lived here. She is a country-loving girl. She lives with her parents, and she is their only child.

In Canady’s free time, she does competitive cheer as well as sideline cheer. Each year she does eight competitions, and last year she went to State and Nationals. She enjoys cheerleading because she likes to be a part of that community and use her talents. What motivates her? She works so hard because she wants a good future and to have many opportunities for a job and a good life.

One other thing Canady loves is her church and small group. She attends Calvary Chapel of Chattanooga. “I’m excited for my upcoming ski trip. I’m surrounded by my great community, and I love taking naps at the cabin haha.” She says they are really great, godly people and they give her good wisdom for her life. One thing she dislikes is evil people because they bring people down and she thinks everyone should uplift others.

Overall she is a kind, godly, exciting person. She cannot wait for what is yet to come in 2023!

H. Drafahl