Heritage Students Win Tech Competition

Hailey Drafahl, Staff Writer

This year Heritage High School students competed in the Northwest Risa’s Technology Competition. The sponsor of this program is GASTC. There are multiple levels in this competition including school, regional, and state. Each student can compete in categories such as animation, graphic design, internet application, 3D modeling, etc. The people who won in these categories at Heritage High School were Kai Courtney, Reese Hoffman, AJ love, Lilly Robison, and Bella Jones. There were many winners from Heritage High School in all types of different categories. These winners moved on to regional level, and after evaluation from the judges they ultimately decided that Reese Hoffman and Kai Courtney won in their respective categories. Reese competed in the 3D modeling category where he designed gears and gear ratios where you turn a handle and it creates movement. He says his favorite moment was “presenting it, because I had worked on it for so long and finally got to present it to the judges.” He ended up winning a medal as well as a tablet. Kai Courtney created an internet game where he coded and published himself. He describes this game as “a snake game that can move across multiple devices.” His favorite part of the competition was the judge that interviewed him. He says “he was actually a web developer, I could go into detail a lot more” having someone to relate to made this competition a little easier for him. Participating in the Technology competition has many benefits including rewards, medals, and even scholarships. If you would like to get involved in the future visit Mr. Douglas in the library and tell him you have interest.