The Truth about Tru: Introducing Tru Johnson

Brooklynn Henson, Staff Writer

Tru Johnson is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. So far she has had good experiences here. “I have really enjoyed Heritage so far,” she explained. “I have made a lot of friends this school year and have had really good connections with everyone.” This semester she has a full course load, taking Journalism, Algebra 1, Physical Science, and American Government.

During the fall season, Johnson is a football manager. “I like it because it keeps me busy, and I like the opportunities it brings to meet new people,” she explained. During the winter, Johnson is on the swim team though she “didn’t do swim this year  because I had a lot going on during swim season,” she said. Although Johnson didn’t swim this year, she does plan on doing it next year! 

In her spare time, Johnson enjoys watching TV shows, especially the early 2000 ones such as “Friends” and “Gossip Girl.” She also enjoys reading, especially romance books. Last year she read about 23 books! Her friends Addie Kate Stafford and Lorelai Canady describe her as “a social butterfly and funny.”  Finally, Johnson’s hero is her mom. “She does a lot for me,” Johnson said, “and besides, who’s hero is not their mom?” 

B. Henson