Everybody Wants to Be in Winter Guard


Brooklynn Henson, Staff Writer

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde and “Castle” by Halsey are played as the three sisters Presley Thomas, Sophie Benavides, and Jaclynn Hall fight over the crown.  Emaline says, “The three sisters played their part well.” These three made the show come to life as they performed. Winter Guard’s season has been a roller coaster with highs and lows for the team. They had good runs throughout the season as they rehearsed in the cafeteria, Coach Taylor said, “We had many sparks fly!” For many people, their first competition at Kennesaw high school was their favorite, filled with great memories and some people’s best performances! Junior Sophie Benavides had one of her best performances at Kennesaw high school, “It wasn’t our best but we placed well!” Through all the team’s hard work freshmen Emmaline Brown and Zaybree Simpson were the most improved. Both freshmen played their roles well and rose to the occasion. Every person on the team plays a leadership role Mrs. Taylor says, “Presley and Sophie were the natural leaders.” Each year is different with winter guard, a new group of students, and a new performance. Overall the season was filled with a lot of hard work and laughter with great performances from the team.