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Club Spotlight: The One & Only Pickle Club


Heritage has a few new clubs joining the school’s roster this year that students should consider checking out! The Pickle Club is one of these awesome additions. The club originated because there were a couple of students, Frederick and Austin who are sophomores at Heritage Highschool, wanted to be a part of a club but didn’t feel like any of the clubs fit their needs or interests. Frederick, who is the vice president of the Pickle Club, explained that in order for him and Austin to start the club they “had to talk to the principal about their idea first and then had to find a teacher to sponsor it.” Frederick and Austin did this and convinced Ms. Hope to be the sponsor of their club. The Pickle Club meets every other Thursday at the second half of lunch, and they do many activities. Some of these activities include eating plenty of pickles (of course), learning about the process of how pickles are created, planting and creating pickles, and even learning to get yourself out of a social pickle. The Pickle Club has already gained 20 members and is pretty exclusive, but there is a plan to add more members this year. The pickle club has a large variety of favorite kinds of pickles; Ms. Hope’s favorite pickle is dill, while Fredericks is relish. Overall, the Pickle Club has many interesting and fun aspects to take into consideration when deciding if this is the club for them at Heritage High School. If students are interested they should speak to Ms. Hope about joining.

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Hailey Drafahl
Hailey Drafahl, Staff Writer
Hailey Drafahl is a 17-year-old senior attending Heritage High School. She is returning to the Journalism staff this year because she really enjoyed taking the class her Junior year. Hailey is excited for what this year of Journalism will bring. She enjoys taking challenging courses and is on a dual-enrollment schedule for her entire senior year so that she can obtain both high school and college credits for her classes. Hailey is the best parker at Heritage High School: she's been told by the principal three times to fix her parking; the people around her fear for their cars. Science is her favorite subject to take, as it is easy and interesting for her. She hopes to one day be a therapist for people and help with others' mental health. In her free time, she accomplishes deranged journeys with her friends. She also enjoys working her shifts at Subway: she is a wonderful sandwich artist and loves the people she works with. She lives with her mom, stepfather, older brother, and two younger sisters. She also has five animals in her house, including three dogs and two cats. She loves listening to music: her favorite artists are SZA, Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more. Hailey is very excited to graduate this year and begin the steps towards her future.