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“The Want to Be Better at Something”: The Story of Emmah Carpenter


Emmah Carpenter is a current 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. Emmah is a new Journalism student, and she is motivated by “the want to be better at something,” she said. Emmah joined Journalism because it seemed interesting to her, and it is! Emmah’s current favorite memory in Journalism is going around the school taking pictures with her classmates. And even though Emmah might seem quiet, she is an amazing person when you get to know her. Emmah also loves getting involved around the school more; thanks to Journalism she gets to do so!

Another fun fact about Emmah is that she was born on November 29, 2008, meaning she is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius people usually do things they love all the time: one thing Emmah loves is art. You will often see Emmah drawing in class if she’s not too busy. She enjoys drawing or painting some of her favorite tv show characters in her free time, and she’s good at it too. Emmah is currently taking Art; she says it’s her favorite class. Emmah has many artistic skills: besides drawing and painting, she enjoys crochet. When done with high school, Emmah wants to be a graphic designer, which is perfect due to her amazing amount of creativity!

One TV show Emmah enjoys drawing or painting  characters from is “Bungo Stray Dogs,” a Japanese manga series. She also enjoys playing video games, such as “Minecraft” or “Roblox.”  Emmah used to play softball and soccer, but she retired from sports and would rather do what she loves and be with her favorite people. Another fun thing about Emmah is she is a cat person: even though Emmah grew up around dogs, she’s just always liked cats better. Her favorite breed of cat is Siamese. In fact, Emmah has a lot in common with Siamese cats: they’re very intelligent, and they have their own desires–just like Emmah.

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About the Contributor
Aubrey Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Aubrey Fitzpatrick is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. She is very excited to be a new Journalism student. Outside of school, Aubrey loves hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and socializing. One of the main reasons Aubrey enjoys going to school is the social aspect of it. Aubrey wants to focus on getting a job in the medical field; she hopes to be an anesthesiologist. She wants to go to UGA to major in Pre-Med or Science to give her a start for her career. Aubrey also enjoys going on family road trips or just staying at home to hang out with her family. Aubrey has three older step-siblings and two older brothers. Some of Aubrey's favorite memories in Journalism so far have been taking pictures around the school with her friends. Getting more involved with the school always makes her happy, and she enjoys Journalism because of the amazing people she has met in the class and the experiences that it brings her.