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“I Live For The Chase”: Rating Chase Atlantic Songs 

Shalaya Williams, Journalism’s resident Chase Atlantic super fan, spotlights some of the band’s best songs.

Chase Atlantic is an Australian R&B band formed in 2014.This band started gaining attention over apps like TikTok with their songs Swim,” “Friends,” and “Slow Down.” I recognized this band in  late 2020 with their songs “Meddle About” and “Triggered” and the snippets of “OH MAMI”, a single they teased for a while in early 2021 and released in June of 2021. These songs made me start trying out some of their other songs, and it turned into me being a huge fan of their music mainly because the topics of their songs are really relatable. Some artists that are similar or fall under the same category as Chase Atlantic are The Weeknd and The Neighbourhood. Chase Atlantic released the album “Phases” in 2019 then announced the “Phases tour.” Below are some of their more popular songs from “Phases” and many other albums.  

Starting with “Heaven and Back,” this song talks about the struggles of drug abuse and how it started as a way to cope with pain. The lyrics compare it to going to “heaven and back,” but then goes on to say, as she comes back down from the high, it makes her feel like she’s dying: “then you start to cry / You wished that you could take it all back.’’ It talks about the person’s love-hate relationship with drug abuse and how it ends up ruining her life when “everything is turning to black.” “Heaven and Back” concludes on how fast drug abuse can ruin someone’s life all in one night. I give this song a 8.5 out of 10, because in the song it could talk about more serious effects of it and explain more reasons as to why this isn’t good.

The next song is “HER.” This song talks about how the girl referred to as “her” can not truly be loved because of her father walking out at a young age. This song also relates to “Heaven and Back’’ and many other songs that talk about the struggle of drug abuse, but “HER” talks about it in a way where it’s covered up by designer clothes and expensive things. It also talks about how she’s only able to be with someone for just one day to avoid attachment to a person, stating, “Boy, don’t go falling in love / You can’t stay with me / All you’ll ever have is one day with me.” In the last verse, though, the other person says, “But I can make the pain better / All I need is one more day with her.” I’m rating this song 9.5 out of 10 because it’s relatable in some ways.

The next album is “Paradise.” This album was released in December of 2016,  and one  of their most popular songs from the album is “Slow Down.” This song, along with “Swim” from the self-titled “Chase Atlantic” album and “Friends” from the album “Nostalgia,” gained popularity on apps such as TikTok.I rate “Slow Down” a 7 out of 10. While still one of my many favorites, this song is overplayed. Next is “Moonlight.” This song is about taking relationships too fast. When one person is ready for it, the other is “caught up in your own small world,” and there is a constant hesitation between whether they should take the risk or not. I rate this song a 10 out of 10. It is one of my favorites from the album even if it isn’t as popular as “Slow Down.” The last song on this album is “Falling.” This song is about a more rebellious relationship and seems more like it’s describing teenage love. Just like “Moonlight,” this is a 10 out of 10. It’s another one of my favorites, and I love everything about it. One of their new songs to check out is “MAMACITA,” releasing September 26th, 2023. They are currently teasing this song and a couple others hopefully to be in an album released later this year.

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About the Contributor
Shalaya Williams
Shalaya Williams, Staff Writer
Shalaya Williams is a 16-year-old junior new to Heritage High School and the Journalism staff. She is looking forward to trying new things this year. Shalaya was a part of the Adairsville High School Basketball Cheerleading squad and the Theater department helping design sets of plays. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, drawing, and hanging out with friends. Some of her favorite music artists are Chase Atlantic, Arctic Monkeys, Lil Peep, Lana Del Rey, The Neighborhood, and $uicideboy$, along with many other amazing artists. Her favorite kind of books are Romance, and some of her favorite books are "Icebreakers" by Hanna Grace, "The Cat and Mouse Duet" by H.D Carrlton, and a new series she started, the "Never After" series. When she's not reading, she enjoys spending most of her time with her friends from Adairsville on the weekends and is looking forward to going to haunted houses, fairs, and many other things this year. When Shalaya graduates, she plans on turning her art into tattooing or writing her own books. She is very creative and can't wait to see what her future brings her!