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Setting the Scale: Volleyball Season Update

Aubrey Fitzpatrick speaks with Coach Cooper and players about the volleyball season so far.
M. Petteys

After Heritage High School’s Volleyball team ‘Set the scale’ and won first in the regionals, volleyball coach Keri Cooper was so happy for her team because of the second chance they got and deserved. Although Mrs. Cooper is happy for her team, she says, “They can’t just always go onto the court and expect another win.” Mrs. Cooper always wants her team to work the hardest they can, and to always stay efficient. She hopes that her team will go above and beyond with everything they do, and with always having much more room for improvement she hopes that her team will get another win this year. With the team having a great work ethic and great technique, she feels confident about the team getting this year’s victory at regionals.

With this year’s varsity team working so well together, Mrs. Cooper believes that the team will bring in a victory. In both JV and Varsity Mrs. Cooper always hopes for improvement. Mrs. Cooper wasn’t expecting to be a coach. During her first year at Heritage High School, she was hoping to teach early childhood healthcare, but a coaching position for volleyball was open. Having already had experience with volleyball, and due to her strong love for the sport, she gladly took the opportunity. With having overall 15 years of coaching experience now, Mrs. Cooper feels very confident in herself and her team to work harder every game and practice. Mrs. Cooper is always thankful for the opportunities that she and her team have. With these opportunities, she hopes that her team will learn and grow from failure and from success. The team is so excited to have a new season to grow, even though not all games lead to victory, the team is excited for a new start.

With the team having a good start to this 2023 season, most players are confident that they will take the big regional victory. “I feel like this team works well together,” says Macy Hales, as her season is going by with good hitters and blockers. Even tho there is always improvement, the team is striving to fill that gap and set it off with a stronger season than last year. Another great thing about this team is due to the commitment and dedication of the team, they always identify problems. Even though there might be fights or miscommunications between the players, they will always work together as a team.

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Aubrey Fitzpatrick
Aubrey Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Aubrey Fitzpatrick is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. She is very excited to be a new Journalism student. Outside of school, Aubrey loves hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and socializing. One of the main reasons Aubrey enjoys going to school is the social aspect of it. Aubrey wants to focus on getting a job in the medical field; she hopes to be an anesthesiologist. She wants to go to UGA to major in Pre-Med or Science to give her a start for her career. Aubrey also enjoys going on family road trips or just staying at home to hang out with her family. Aubrey has three older step-siblings and two older brothers. Some of Aubrey's favorite memories in Journalism so far have been taking pictures around the school with her friends. Getting more involved with the school always makes her happy, and she enjoys Journalism because of the amazing people she has met in the class and the experiences that it brings her.