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Crawling Through the Story of the Fresno Nightcrawler

What terrifying creature is lurking in Fresno, California? Join Emmah Carpenter as she takes a deep dive into this cryptid creature hunt.

In the darkness of the night, our minds will play tricks on us. The mind will make us think we see things that aren’t actually there. Your mind may have begun to mess with you as it tries to make sense of the darkness around you. Maybe, if you weren’t alone and you told someone, they might tell you “It’s just your imagination.” But is it actually? What if it was on video? Or perhaps there’s some actual evidence proving you saw something? Would you believe it more once you saw that evidence? 

One night in Fresno, California in 2007, a man who only addressed himself as Jose had checked his surveillance cameras after a long night. When he did, the cameras captured a video of a white creature. It looked as if it was a pair of haunted ghost pants, as it had no arms or head. The video displayed a large creature that ran across the front yard of Jose’s home. When he finished watching the surveillance, he was horrified by what he had seen. He decided to post the video in hopes of receiving some kind of explanation for the bizarre creature he had seen. Unfortunately, no one could come up with a proper explanation for this sight. 

Again in 2011, another video was captured of these “ghost pants”. The same figure caught in the previous video from 2007 was found walking around Yosemite Lakes Park. but this one wasn’t alone. It seemed to have been followed by a nightcrawler much smaller than it. Possibly its baby? The video was much longer this time, as the creature didn’t seem to be in a rush like it seemed to be in the first sighting. Once this video had come out, the Fresno Nightcrawlers’ popularity skyrocketed. More and more sightings of the creature had been reported as it became more known to the world. The creature had also been seen in Ohio, but no evidence has been displayed from that encounter.  

Ever since this creature was discovered, it is now a very loved cryptid by many. Artists all around the world started to create merchandise and artwork of these unknown creatures. But, is the Fresno Nightcrawler actually real? Many seem to believe so. Those who don’t, claim it is simply a person with a sheet over its head along with slits that give it height. But those who believe in this cryptid think otherwise. They say that its legs are simply way too long and slit way too high down the middle of its body for it to be a person. They also claim that the so-called sheet is way too secure to actually be that. If it were, the sheet would have flown off the second it ran in the first video. 

Whether or not the Fresno Nightcrawler is real, we may never know. Skeptics will continue to deny the claims while believers will continue to attempt to prove its existence. It seems that everyone who stands with the idea of this creature being real stays strong with their opinions. But whatever you may think, it appears we may not know the truth of the Fresno Nightcrawler until it wants us to.

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About the Contributor
Emmah Carpenter
Emmah Carpenter, Staff Writer
Emmah Carpenter is a 14-year -old freshman at Heritage High School this year. This is Emmah’s first time in Journalism. She is kind of nervous but happy to be in Journalism. In Emmah’s free time, she likes to draw, play video games, and hang out with her friends after school. She also has two pet cats named Venus and Bastet, whom she named herself. Her cat Venus is a small "Tuxedo Cat" that is less than two years old; her other cat Bastet is a Siamese kitten, who is only a few months old. Emmah’s favorite book is "The Outsiders," which she brings to school every day. Her favorite animals are the red panda, raccoons, and cats. Emmah is a nervous person who tends to stay quiet, but she can be talkative once you get to know her. Emmah’s interests consist of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Bungo Stray Dogs," animals, cryptids, the paranormal, true crime, and art. She practices her art every day. Her anxiety holds her back, but she tries her hardest to get around it. Emmah is planning a trip to Salam, Massachusetts this spring. She is excited for her trip and for the rest of her time in Journalism.