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Dropping Into Fortnite’s OG Season

From PC to console players, Fortnite has been a giant hit since its 2017 release. However, can this award winning game bring back some of its old players with its “OG Season?”
Thomas Scherzer

Landing into the epic new season of Fortnite is an experience that you can’t get enough of.  The new season has given the rather tragic, dying game a rise that is nostalgic to it’s beginning, reaching a height of 5.8 million active players of this new season. To begin with, Fortnite is a game that is a part of the battle royale genre, meaning you land onto an island with 99 other players to compete till one remains and annihilates all other players. The 2017 game has had many changes since it’s battle royale release, including an every evolving player-base. The game’s evolution has made the player base entirely different, making it geared towards new players. With old veterans not liking the way the game progressed for quite some time, many have quit, which dropped the games popularity exponentially.

The new season, however, is a direct replication of the original popular Fortnite season. The game has seemingly made a comeback with its gameplay. So, how good is the game? The new season’s gameplay is definitely refreshing, and a lot of fun. When joining up with friends, it’s extremely exciting. When asking other people who have played the video game, many have given similar answers. Sophomore Chloe Fowler said, “I really like the golf carts and driving them and playing with my brothers.”  Along the same lines, Sophomore Brice Kingsley said, “The new season reminds me a lot of the old and is fun to play.” The new season has brought lots of excitement, despite the season ending on December third; so while you have the time, find a way to get hold of this rare fun!


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About the Contributor
Thomas Scherzer, Staff Writer
Thomas Scherzer is a sophomore this year at Heritage High School. Thomas Scherzer involves himself in many activities both inside and outside of school. Thomas always tries to make sure he betters himself on whatever he is doing and becomes a better person. Thomas Scherzer enjoys playing soccer and reading, but throughout all of his free time he usually is working out. He really likes going to the gym. Over the summer, Thomas worked as a lifeguard at the local amusement park's water park at Lake Winnie. He likes school--but only when it is in a class he likes. Thomas likes English, Science, and Social Studies, but hates Math. He currently plans on going to college but is unsure of what he wants to pursue. Despite this, the future's still bright to Thomas and his dedication to what he puts his mind to will help. Although he doesn’t know what he wants to do, he is very passionate about anything he wishes to. During his year, he wants to contribute to playing sports. He is very excited for the year in Journalism and to see what will happen.