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The Chupacabra: Puerto Rico’s Goat Sucker

What lies behind the mysterious Chupacabra?

Vampires are known for their sharp teeth that they use to suck the blood of their victims. They are human-like beings who live hidden in the darkness. But have you ever heard of a canine who sucks blood? What kind of dog would do something like that? It seems quite out of the ordinary for a dog to drink blood and only blood. 

The Chupacabra, meaning “goat sucker” in English, is the most common thing that comes to mind for the findings of dead livestock found in Puerto Rico. These dead animals were found with all of their blood sucked out of their bodies, but never eaten. Though the same thing was also found in Southwestern United States, the two locations have different descriptions of the creature. In most of Puerto Rico, it is described to be the size of a small bear, with large red eyes, sharp fangs, and spikes that row down its back down to its tail. It’s usually described as a reptile-like creature. In America and other parts of Puerto Rico, it is more known as a large hairless canine that has a pronounced spinal ridge, large claws, and sharp fangs. While the description varies in both locations, they usually agree on one thing. Both are blood sucking beasts that drain the life from livestock. 

The beast is known to hide during the day and roam during the night, similar to vampires. At first, many had thought the monster to be half human, half vampire beast. The story of th beast has been a told since the 1950s, though there are very little reports around that time. The monster’s story spread throughout all of the Americans and even up to North America. Thousands claimed to have seen hairless beasts, and many even claimed to have found bodies of the chupacabra. But the bodies that were observed were determined to just be coyotes, dogs, or some kind of canine hybrid. They had said that the cause of the animals hairlessness was due to an infestation of a mite. Though the real Chupacabra has never been caught, if it even exists, many will still believe in its existence. It brings much hope that the idea of monsters is real, as it helps make sense of bizarre encounters. 

Even after years of searching for cryptids, much like the Chupacabra, we may never really know if they are roaming our planet. Perhaps they choose to hide from us to keep their presence unknown. Maybe they know we’re looking for them. But even if they aren’t actually real, many will choose to believe they exist and continue to search for them.

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Emmah Carpenter
Emmah Carpenter, Staff Writer
Emmah Carpenter is a 14-year -old freshman at Heritage High School this year. This is Emmah’s first time in Journalism. She is kind of nervous but happy to be in Journalism. In Emmah’s free time, she likes to draw, play video games, and hang out with her friends after school. She also has two pet cats named Venus and Bastet, whom she named herself. Her cat Venus is a small "Tuxedo Cat" that is less than two years old; her other cat Bastet is a Siamese kitten, who is only a few months old. Emmah’s favorite book is "The Outsiders," which she brings to school every day. Her favorite animals are the red panda, raccoons, and cats. Emmah is a nervous person who tends to stay quiet, but she can be talkative once you get to know her. Emmah’s interests consist of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Bungo Stray Dogs," animals, cryptids, the paranormal, true crime, and art. She practices her art every day. Her anxiety holds her back, but she tries her hardest to get around it. Emmah is planning a trip to Salam, Massachusetts this spring. She is excited for her trip and for the rest of her time in Journalism.