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Haidar Ain’t No Hater: Introducing Sofiia Haidar


Sofiia Haidar is a sophomore at Heritage High school. She is attending here as a foreign exchange student; she moved to the United States from Ukraine last July. Haidar was born in the east part of Ukraine and then moved to Kyiv, Ukraine, which is the capital. “I wasn’t nervous about the moving part,” Haidar explained. “It was just school. I was actually excited because I have always wanted to move to the states.” Haidar mentioned that school in the US is much different than school in Ukraine. “There weren’t nearly as many sports, and here all the schools are separate while in Ukraine we only had 11 grades and all the schools are combined.” Basically, schools in Ukraine don’t have an elementary, middle, or high school: it’s all put together in one school. “It was very interesting when I realized that [U.S. schools weren’t] all combined,” Haidar added.

Haidar is a very kind and caring person. She has a certain effect on people: whenever you’re around her, you instantly want to smile and be happy. Even though now she seems very outgoing, whenever she moved she was “pretty nervous.” “Even though I can speak fluent English as a foreign exchange student,” Haidar said, “I was scared of not being able to fit in or find any friends.” She added, “After being here for a few weeks and getting to know a few people who were open to talk to me, I made a lot of good friends.” 

Haidar always thought about what life would be like here in the US, and when she moved it was everything she expected. “I always thought life here would be like how it was in American movies,” she said. “Living in a different country and watching American movies, I always thought it would be better than where I lived.” Haidar is actually not the biggest fan of her home country: “Ukraine is actually a really bad country,” she said, and the people there are “a lot meaner” than the people here. When she arrived in the States, she said, she realized that “all the things I thought about the States were all true and it was really cool.”  To sum it all up, Haidar has enjoyed it in the US and loves meeting new people. 


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Kaylee Brown
Kaylee Brown, Staff Writer
Kaylee is a 14-year-old freshman, and this is her first time being a part of the Journalism staff. Kaylee loves to hangout with her close friends and family. Kaylee is excited to be a part of the staff and is eager to see what it has to offer. She doesn’t have her future job decided yet, but she has thought about being a marine biologist or an esthetician. Kaylee is a member of the Heritage High School cheer team and has been cheering for seven years. When she’s not at school or at cheer practice, she likes to read on her phone,  take naps, or build legos. She also loves to text or facetime her friends. Kaylee loves to shop online and in person. She loves going on vacations or road trips with her family, whether it’s with her mom, dad, or friends. She loves summer and going swimming with her friends. She also loves listening to music and wants to go to lots of concerts in the near future.  Kaylee has had a great first year at Heritage and can’t wait for next year to see what it contains.