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Entering a New Page: Tome Literary Society

The Tome Literacy Society is a book club that is for kids in Georgia ranging from 2nd-12th grade. This society allows kids to take a deeper dive into various types of books and have the chance to show off their literacy skills by competing in competitions.

Tome Literary Society is a group that is overtly passionate about literature. The overall purpose of this society is to be able to promote different literature to the school community, as well as plan events, and compete in literacy based competitions. Not only does this non-profit organization help expand literacy skills across schools, but also gives students the opportunity to build leadership skills, critical thinking, creativity, and self esteem. Heritage’s Tome Literacy Society meets up once a month to converse about numerous different compositions and form events. 

The Tome Literacy society competes two times a year. One competition is set in the fall, and the next is in the spring. The students have a chance to be able to compete in several categories ranging from fanfiction to poetry. They have an ‘It list’ that contains a set of books revolving around a theme. This year’s theme was “Brave on Purpose.” Some of the books that were put on the list are, “Gold Mountain” by Betty G. Yee, “Traitor” by Amanda McCrina, “Beast of Prey” by Ayana Gray, and many more. The Tome Literacy Society has completed its fall competition and has just recently submitted their spring competition.

“Literacy week is new. This is something that we are doing this year for the first time,” says Dr. Godfrey. This new week brought to Heritage has been overfilled with activities set by the group. One of the activities they created was a miniature scavenger hunt for the students. They carefully hid pictures of books around the school for students to go seek all week long. Each day of the week they have set up something new for the students, such as trivia, a photo booth, and board games. The last day of the week they had representatives come down from the Catoosa County public Library. This week was brought to Heritage to celebrate the Tome Literacy Society. Overall, this society gives young minds an open door to explore literature and bond with others who share the same love as well as strengthen their leadership skills. If you are interested in the Tome Literacy Society you can talk to Dr. Godfrey or Mr. Douglas in the library. They also have a google classroom you can enter and a twitter page you can follow. 

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Addie Kate Stafford, Staff Writer
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