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Natalyn Aspires to Chase Her Dreams


Natalyn McCormack is a current freshman at Heritage High School.  She is a biology enthusiast and plant lover who aspires to work in a field which is related to Biology. “My goal is to learn as much as I can and become a botanist or a horticulturist,” McCormack explained. McCormack’s best subject in school is science. It comes easy to her, and she enjoys the class as well. “I have always found plants really interesting to learn about, and I love to find new plants to propagate and raise.” During her childhood her family had a garden, and plants were scattered all around her home. McCormack is very close with her family and has many positive memories with them. “One of my most fond childhood memories is planting new tomato and basil plants in the garden with my family.” 

McCormack plans to attend The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga where they have a great biology program. “They offer a variety of science courses, and they have an on-campus greenhouse along with many experimental and interactive learning experiences. I also have a lot of family that went to that college [UTC], and I still want to be able to live at home while I’m in school.” When McCormack pictures herself in the future, she sees herself growing and maintaining plants for a living after she attends the appropriate college where she would get all the knowledge she would need in order to pursue her dream. “I want to work in a greenhouse, botanical garden, a landscaping company, or some other setting where I can propagate, handle, and analyze plants.”

McCormack wants to live in Alaska in order to fully execute her dreams and goals for her life, but family is more important to her. “Alaska is a very good place to pursue botany. However, family is very important to me and I plan to stay in Georgia to be able to enjoy my career”

In summary, Natalyn McCormack is a strong-willed, level-headed, dream chaser who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to fulfill her aspirations. 

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Hannah Karson
Hannah Karson, Staff Writer
Hannah Karson is a junior attending Heritage High School. Hannah is originally from Connecticut and moved south three years prior. She’s really enjoying her time at Heritage. Language is Hannah’s favorite subject in school; she loves to write. Some of Hannah’s favorite books are “LIVE” & “A Walk to Remember." In her free time she loves hanging out with her friends, writing, cooking, meeting new people, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. Hannah is creative-minded and enjoys exploring new hobbies. Hannah makes it her mission to always find ways to help others & her community. Hannah has a black & white pit bull named Daisy, who is almost seven years old. Hannah listens to all kinds of music . . . from soft jazz to rock. Some of Hannah’s favorite movies and shows include "Breaking Bad," "Good Will Hunting," "The Sixth Sense," "Dead Poets Society," and "The Amazing Spider-Man." Hannah hopes to one day work as an interior designer & in her free time she shadows a realtor. In the summer she will be a part of an interior design internship in Chattanooga, and she is excited to expand her knowledge. Hannah is eager to see where the rest of her high school career takes her.