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Never in One Place Too Long: Introducing Benae Pederson


Benae Pederson has been moving all her life. Benae said, “My dad’s work is the reason we move. It’s always been the reason for us moving. It just changes a lot, I guess.”

She was born in Minnesota on November 15, 2006. She was required to move shortly after her third birthday, then moved to Michigan for around a year, back to Minnesota for close to four years, then to Nebraska for seven years, and now to Georgia. Benae is also an intercontinental traveler. “I’ve only been to the United States and Mexico, but I would really love to go and travel around Europe,” said Benae. Benae’s favorite school that she had been to is Elkhorn South, which was in her freshman year of high school. Benae said, “Nebraska would probably have to be my favorite. Only because I lived there the longest though. I think I was there for like seven or eight years.” 

The reason she has moved so much is due to the fact that her father has a job at the flooring company, Marquis Industries Inc. Due to her father’s position, Benae hasn’t settled in one spot her entire life, only living in one spot for a period of time. Benae said, “I’ve been here in Georgia for a year and a half. I came in sophomore year.” Benae had been through several states in her school career. 

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