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High School Girl Strives to Follow Her Childhood Dream


Since Hannah Karson was a little girl, she has had an interest in decorating and designing houses. Karson, a junior attending Heritage High School, plans to be an interior designer when she grows older. During her childhood, she was inspired by a lot of things and people to pursue this career. 

“I grew up watching ‘Fixer Upper’ on HGTV and always admired how Chip and Joanna Gaines executed their ideas, how hardworking they are, and as well as how much they care for their clients,” Karson said. “I also grew up with my Grandma and Grandpa who fully designed and built their beautiful house in Arizona.”

Karson has lots of plans for the future. She wants to learn more about design in a nearby college, so she can stay around family. Karson also has many people in her life that can help her be successful in her career, including some of her family members. 

“I want to attend some sort of a design school that is fairly local. In my future, I see myself living on the outskirts of a city.”

One part of interior design that Karson loves is the satisfaction of a client. Keeping her clients happy and giving them the best possible results is what drives her to continue growing her future career.

“I hope to one day run my own business, but to start out with I aspire to work for a company that is successful and I can trust,” Karson explained. “I aspire to be able to make my clients happy by making them feel welcomed and heard, as well as being able to design and build their dream home and make it come to life. Most importantly, making their house feel like a home.” 

When Hannah Karson pursues her dream of interior design, she wants to always do the best work she can and make sure the client is happy with the results.

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