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Brotherly Bonds: Introducing Rayce Mackey


The house is full, and there is chaos all around; who are you gravitating towards? For Rayce Mackey this instant bond is made with his youngest brother Lennox Mackey.  

Rayce Mackey, a freshman at Heritage High School, comes from a big family. He is the oldest of four kids. With this many in the house, you wonder why he is closest with this brother in particular.

“I guess all my other brothers I wasn’t old enough to do stuff with them, but now that I’m old enough to do stuff with them I can actually take care of them.” 

Rayce, being the oldest, feels it is his responsibility to help with his siblings. Despite their age difference of 12 years, 14 vs 2, Lennox and Rayce have bonded with one another. This is because Rayce is so much older. Causing him to watch his brother grow up and help raise him. Watching this growth made him feel more connected to him. 

Rayce and Lennox, just like any sibling duo, are always doing things together. “We go outside together and play, but most of the time he just watches little kid shows in my room like ‘Boss Baby.’” His favorite memory with Lennox was, “This one time, me and my family went to the Georgia Aquarium, and my family wandered off. I was just stuck with Lennox for an hour and a half, so I took him to all the sections around the aquarium. That was pretty fun.”

Rayce and Lennox have so many memories together, but Rayce thinks staying close will be a challenge. “We probably won’t stay close, which sucks to say, but after I move out I won’t be back home for like six years”. Rayce is aware of the big age gap and expects this to cause them to drift. They will have to work to maintain their relationship, but no matter what they are family to one another and the bond that was made will never fade—instead just change. 

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Benae Pederson
Benae Pederson, Staff Writer
Benae Pederson is a 17-year-old junior at Heritage High School. This is Benae’s first time in Journalism, and she is excited about the rest of the year. Her favorite things include working out, drawing, singing, cheer, and hanging out with friends. Benae moved here from Ringgold this year, and before that she was from Nebraska. She would be on the cheer team if it was permitted after transferring, but she is looking forward to next year. Her goal for junior year is to focus on her grades, family, and friends. Benae is the youngest of five kids and the only one left at home. When Benae leaves home and goes to college, she plans on majoring in business. She has no preference on which college but wants it to be a big university. No matter what is to come in her future, Benae is excited for this upcoming year of carrying on "The Legacy."