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Look Out for Lily Marshall


Lily Marshall waits for her event to be called. When the announcer calls her event number, and the agonizing wait is over, she nervously walks over to the starting block and steps up. She stands there, waiting with anticipation for the buzzer. She looks down into the clear water and readies herself for the dive into the giant pool. The sound blasts through the room, and she plunges into the cool water. 

Marshall is a sophomore here at Heritage High School and has been doing swim since she was six years old. She participates in the school swim team, but is also a part of a summer swim league.

“It’s [the summer swim league] definitely bigger than school swim. There’s like probably 150 kids,” Marshall said. “We have to practice at McCallie Aquatic Center, which I like though because they have a nice facility. But in the summer it’s [summer swim league] definitely more fun.”

However, Marshall still enjoys being a part of the school swim team during the winter months with about ten people. Marshall has also won multiple awards in swim.

“I have gotten seventh place in the 50 fly, which that’s like state , so like people compete against other teams and then you move up and then the people that are at the top, the teams that are at the top, go to state,” Marshall said. “I got ninth in the 100 fly.”

However, swimming is not Marshall’s only passion. She has also taken Art I as well as Intro to Healthcare and Essentials of Healthcare. 

“I definitely want to go into the healthcare field. I’ve known that for a little bit now,” Marshall explained.

  Marshall plans to continue the healthcare pathway classes, and she hopes to join the Health Occupations Students of America next year too. Outside of school, Marshall enjoys hanging out with her friends and shopping at the Providence. When she is with her friends, she is usually the mom of the group, as she has a sewing kit in her car, and a first aid kit in her backpack.

“But you know, I feel like I’m always prepared, which I think always comes in handy,” Marshall said. 

For now, Marshall looks forward to the coming years of high school, and all they have to hold.

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Caleb Peponis
Caleb Peponis, Staff Writer
Caleb Peponis is a freshman at Heritage High School, and this is his first year in Journalism. When Caleb isn’t in school or doing homework, he enjoys listening to all types of music (mostly pop and country) and reading books. He mostly reads dystopian books and some  mystery/thrillers. He also enjoys watching TV and spending time with his family and pets. Some of his favorite shows to watch are "Modern Family" and pretty much any competition-type show. He isn’t usually seen on his phone other than when he is texting his friends. Caleb and his family like to go roller skating on the weekends when there’s not a lot going on. He has a younger brother and sister, as well as two dogs and a cat. Along with being in Journalism, Caleb has also taken the intro classes for Graphic Design and Healthcare Services. He takes all Honors classes and is involved in HOSA because he plans on being a pediatric registered nurse. Two of his favorite subjects are math and language arts. Caleb is looking forward to this semester and taking the Journalism class.