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From a Country Bumpkin to a Slightly Less Country Bumpkin: Introducing Kyla Smith


“LaFayette, the empty part of town,” starts Kyla Smith. “In Ringgold, there’s more places to go, every place in LaFayette is either boring or shut down,” said Smith. Last year freshman Smith moved from Lafayette to Heritage. “Moving to Heritage was honestly nerve wracking considering I didn’t really know anyone.”  Smith said. Going from a school like LaFayette to Heritage was honestly a big change for Smith, especially considering all the sports and activities the school had. “I was sad when I found out that I was moving because I was leaving all of my friends.” said Smith. However, the change was honestly for the better. 

When asked what her favorite thing was about Heritage she said, “The people I’ve met so far.” 

Growing up in Lafayette was different than in Ringgold. “My friends at LaFayette weren’t that great, and the friendships I have at Heritage don’t come close to the ones I had,” she stated. Smith said that her perfect friendship was described as when someone is just like you, and when they like the same things as you. There were three perfect girls that displayed this very well. Smith described these girls as her bestest friends. But when asked how she wanted people to view her she said, “As a kind and sweet girl.” But, when we asked her friends they said, “Smith is the craziest person we’ve ever met.” They said, “Smith is the type of girl that if she won’t say it her face will.” 

Smith loves spending time with her friends, but when she’s not doing that she’s either watching TV, reading a book, or spending time with her mom. Smith enjoys reading a lot. Some of her favorite books are “If He Had Been with Me” by Laura Nowlin, “Caught up” by Liz Tomforde, and “Off the Ice: Collide” by Bal Khabra. “Reading is my escape from reality,” Smith stated. Smith reads a lot of romance books; as she put it, “Every book boyfriend is better than real boyfriends.” Smith is the girl that when you first meet her she is the same as when you get to know her. She’s a great friend and is super sweet to everyone. She will stick up for you even if you’ve done her wrong. Everyone needs a Smith in their life! 


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Taelor Snyder
Taelor Snyder, Staff Writer
Taelor Snyder is a 15-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. She is very excited to be taking Journalism this semester. Outside of school, Taelor’s favorite thing to do is taking naps. When she’s not taking naps she’s either hanging out with her friends or watching TV. Taelor enjoys watching "Big Time Rush," "Sam & Cat," and "Victorious." She watches these shows because that's what she grew up watching with her older siblings. She has three sisters, two older and one younger. Taelor loves listening to music and going to concerts. Taelor’s favorite fast food place is Taco Bell; her favorite food is any type of pasta. Taelor loves playing Roblox. Taelor’s favorite season is summer: she loves getting tan, hanging out with her friends everyday, and going swimming. She’s really excited to see what Journalism has to offer, but so far she’s enjoyed it a lot and plans on taking it again in the near future.