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New Beginnings: Introducing Kaylee Brown


Kaylee Brown is a freshman at Heritage High School, and she already loves everything about it already. Even though things are going awesome, Kaylee really misses middle school, and she wishes she could go back there again. 

Brown’s favorite part of middle school was the teachers, because through all the years she was in middle school she got really close with them. Middle school really affected her. Ms. Walther was her favorite teacher, and it was especially hard  to say goodbye. She was Kaylee’s seventh grade science teacher. Ms. Walter was her favorite because she was really good at giving help and advice when Kaylee needed them. Kaylee was always feeling safe to share something with her, so it was hard for her to leave. She misses all her teachers, but starting this new chapter in life called “High School” has made her excited to meet and befriend all these new people.

However, as high school started, things went even better than she was expecting. Her favorite part in high school is that you can choose your two extracurricular classes yourself. She is really enjoying this opportunity, because every semester she can try something new. Plus, if she likes it, she can improve her skills even more. Currently, her favorite class is Journalism. She loves it because it’s really fun and she can see and hangout with her friends every day. Also, her favorite part about Journalism is having a chance to be at all school events and take photos of the biggest moments at Heritage High School.

Kaylee if apart of the HHS Cheer team. She was originally unsure about joining, because she didn’t really know how it was going to be. But, since everybody was saying cheer is really fun at the high school, she decided to try it herself in it. As a result, she now has a “second family.” She loves all the girls with her whole heart, and she is so thankful for this season. This season was the best season of all seasons at HHS, and she is really grateful that she could experience all this by herself with the girls. She already can not wait for the next season and the memories it is going to bring her. Cheerleading for Brown is the most important thing on which she focuses the most right now, but despite that she approximately knows what she wants to do in the future. Her plan is to become a marine biologist or esthetician. 

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About the Contributor
Sofiia Haidar
Sofiia Haidar, Staff Writer
Sofiia Haidar is a current sophomore at Heritage High School. She is from Ukraine and only got here six months ago at the beginning of the school year. Sofiia is really outgoing, sociable and loves to meet new people. She can speak three languages, which are Russian, Ukrainian and English, so it gives her an opportunity to talk to different people all around the world. In her free time she loves to go out with friends, go shopping, and play tennis. She loves to read psychological books and learn about people’s minds. She is planning to do dual-enrollment as a junior at Dalton State College. Her favorite music artists are Brent Faiyaz, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, and Deftones. Those six months have already been so exciting and great for her, and she is ready for more and more good things to come. She is so excited to take Journalism class and hope she is going to be a part of it and leave some legacy!!