Mallauri Cox, Staff

If you’ve ever heard of Kendrick Lamar, you’ve probably thought of the songs “Swimming Pools” and “m.A.A.d city.” Now I’m not a big fan of his work, and his music has never really interested me, but hearing his new single “i” from his new album made me excited. It’s a different beat than I’m used to Kendrick doing, which is why I guess that’s why it interested me. This song really caught my attention when I realized it wasn’t the type typical rap beat that you always hear. It is a more upbeat version of a rap song. It almost doesn’t sound like a rap song, which is another reason why I was surprised. I am very impressed with his branching out of music to start his new album.

Only hearing one new single from Kendrick, I cannot predict how I think this new album will go. With only hearing “i,” I do believe that I will be more interested in this album than I have before. Now I might now buy the whole album, but I can say I am looking forward to hearing the other songs on the album. I am excited to hear a sneak peak of all the songs when the album is released so I can hear if he really is branching out on his new album. I am always more interested in an artist when they branch out from their typical genre of music. Though he is still rapping, he chose to go more upbeat than to be drab and boring. Although I am not predicting how big this album will get, I am making a guess that it will be just as big if not bigger than his past releases.