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The Mutual Impact between Nicaragua and Us

This past spring Heritage High School went on a trip to Nicaragua. This adventure gave insight and new perspectives to everyone involved.

On February 16, 2024, the students of Heritage High School involved in HOSA and/or AP Spanish took a trip to Nicaragua. This annual trip has been going on for six years now; what once was a simple plot of land has now transformed into an elementary school and secondary school. These schools are called the Katie Beth Campus, and the students belonging to this campus were provided with checkups and a friend to be with during this ten day excursion. HOSA students checked for lice, measured weight and height, screened for scoliosis, pricked fingers for hemoglobin levels, and took blood pressure. Our AP students sat in on classes at the Katie Beth Campus to help teach and learn. In preparation for this trip, students learned all about the culture, but were now given the chance to experience the cultural differences between Nicaragua and Ringgold, GA.

Mr. Chris Douglass, media center specialist and sponsor of the trip, stated, “We do a lot of cultural things when we’re in Nicaragua. We get to visit volcanoes, museums, lakes, and go on hikes. We just did some of the neatest things that you don’t normally get to do here.” When visiting the volcano, students of HHS were presented with the opportunity to surf down the volcano. Principle Ronnie Bradford, unlike the kids who surfed down the volcano, walked down it. “I ran down it. It [the ground] was really loose and soft, almost like you’re walking on water, but instead are going down the side of the volcano.” 

While surfing down a volcano and many of the other adventurous activities on the trip were once in a lifetime experiences, everyone on the trip shared one favorite experience: hanging out with the kids. Senior Avah Morrison said, “getting to know a lot of the kids at the school and hanging out with the little ones was amazing.” Coach Jason Carter also stated, “And, man, those little guys, those first graders are awesome. So, that was probably my favorite part.” Tilda Lindroth, senior, discussed, “Honestly, getting to know the kids and seeing how well they interact with each other.” Lastly, junior Anna Bradford added, “My favorite thing to do there was to hang out with the kids because we all became so close.” All of these people come from different backgrounds, and yet the impact the kids had on every person who attended the 2024 Spring Nicaragua Trip is easily seen.

The goal of this trip for our school was to make an impact on the kids belonging to the Katie Beth Campus. Yet, this trip proved that the impact was mutual between those still in Nicaragua and the ones who have returned here. The experience is priceless because of the connections made with one another. Mr. Bradford said it perfectly, “Since being back all we do now is walk around just thinking about being back.”

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Benae Pederson, Staff Writer
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