Noah Clayton, Staff

General Journal: How do you deal with the in-laws when you have to visit?
Coach Terry: I actually like hanging out with the in-laws. They’ve got good food and plenty of it. It is a bit hard to watch football in standard definition, but I can manage for one day.

GJ: Do you have any extended family that you find hard to be around?
CT: I think my relatives are fairly sane. I get along with them all in small doses. They probably say I’m the one who’s hard to be around . . . (because I’m just too handsome).

GJ: How do you like your Thanksgiving turkey (baked, fried, etc.)?
Coach Terry: You had me at “fried.”

GJ: There are quite few pumpkin spice flavored products available this time of year (coffee, candles, etc.). What else needs to come in a pumpkin spice form?
CT: What about a pumpkin spice Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal? Or maybe a pumpkin spice cologne?

GJ: Do you have any comments on the altered picture date?
CT: I think it would be good for a change to have a yearbook full of “altered pictures.” It might give a Salvador Dali feel to the Legacy.

GJ: How do you handle Black Friday?
CT: I sleep in. We usually have a basketball game on black Friday. This year is no different. Basically, black Friday is dead to me . . . just another day.

GJ: What’s the worst Thanksgiving experience you’ve had?
CT: It’s hard to have a bad Thanksgiving. I did get my car stuck in my aunt’s yard one year. It was a big muddy mess. I was okay with it though, because we just went back in and ate some more.

GJ: Do you have any comments on the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation?
CT: I think the notion of the leader of the free world ceremonially pardoning a turkey is a bit preposterous. Now if the President killed the losing turkey with his bare hands they could put that on pay-per-view. I’d spend $19.99 to see President Obama rip a turkey’s head off.

GJ: What makes an ideal Thanksgiving parade?
CT: The most fun part of the parade for me is trying to catch the singers lip syncing. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be lip syncing . . . I couldn’t sing at 9 a.m. with a wind chill of 28 degrees either. I’m just saying they should be better at lip syncing.

GJ: What was your reaction to the bending iPhones?
CT: My reaction was “there’s no way I can own one of those.” I’d sit down one time with the phone in my pocket and I’d be off to the phone store for a new one. Of course I would refuse the insurance.

GJ: Are there any trends you want gone by the end of this year?
CT: “I know, right?” is something that I could do without. The whole statement is confusing to me. Are you agreeing with me or questioning me?