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What’s Going On? (April Edition)

From Country music to monster trucks, there is something for everyone going on in April.
Spencer Cordle


Heritage Choir Concert @ HHS – April 12th


JV Baseball Vs Silverdale @ HHS – April 13th


Girls Soccer Playoffs @ HHS – April 18th


Moonlight Serenade @ HHS – April 20th


Elementary Track Meet @ HHS – April 30th



Joys Antique Junk Market @ Joys – April 19th-20th

For thrifters, get some fun vintage trinkets and clothing from Joys Antique market! More information available on the link provided.

Big Gun: AC/DC Tribute Band @ The Colonnade – April 20th

AC/DC is ranked 72 out of 100 for all time artists by Rolling Stones Magazine. To see a tribute band live, go to the Colonnade on the 20th.

ASL Basics @ Catoosa County Library – April 23rd

Learning a new language is fun and educational! To get some basics down, go to the library.

Paws to Read @ Catoosa County Library – April 25th

For all the animal lovers, especially those who love to read, check out this event. 

Live @ Farm To Fork – April 27th

Dinner and a show! Enjoy some great food and music on the 27th.



Chattanooga Autism Celebration Walk @ Coolidge Park – April 13th

April is Autism Awareness Month, to celebrate, attend this walk!

Shelly Belly Comedy @ The Chattanooga Catch – April 21st

For comedy lovers, check out Shelly Belly at the Chattanooga Catch.

Beethoven No. 9 @ Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Stadium – April 11th

Classical music is a world wide thrill, to potentially see it live, look into this event!

Sweet Tea & Sunshine Festival @ 775 Raider Dr. –  April 28th 

Everybody loves sweet tea. We live in Georgia. Check out this family friendly festival!

Music For the Children @ First Baptist Church of Chattanooga – April 19th

Family friendly events are sometimes hard to come by. Relax, and just attend this event.



Laufey, Bewitched: The Goddess Tour @ Tabernacle – April 22nd

Laufey is a new artist, made sensation by her TikTok popularity. Check her out on her Goddess Tour! You can find tickets on the link provided.

Disney Princess: The Concert @ Fox theater – April 13th

For a fun family friendly memory, try this concert on the 13th!

Laugh Atlanta Comedy Festival @ Monticello ATL – April 13th

Everyone needs a good laugh sometimes. Drop by this festival for many.

Monster Jam @ Atlanta Motor Speedway – April 13th

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, everyone loves monster trucks. Go on, buy those tickets. 

UniverSoul CIrcus @ Turner field – April 21nd 

Circus trips are a memory everyone deserves to experience. Go to the one at Turner Field, my friend!



Mitski @ The Ryman Auditorium – April 10th

Mitski is one of the  best artists of this generation. See her live on April 10th.

Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift @ The Parthenon – April 12th

Taylor Swift is loved by many, not me, but maybe you! Check out this tribute.

Mitski (again) @ The Ryman Auditorium – April 12th

Once again, Mitski is going to be playing live at The Ryman Auditorium. Attend on April 12th to see her perform!

Tyler Childers @ Bridgestone Arena – April 19th

Tyler Childers is an amazing country artist that you can see live at Bridgestone Arena on April 19th.  

Autism Ability 5K, 10K, 15K @ Bob Brown Field Station – April 28th

Again, since Apri is Autism Awareness Month, you should come to this running event to show your support.

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About the Contributors
Kaya Bradford
Kaya Bradford, Staff Writer
Kaya Bradford is a freshmen student attending Heritage High School. This is her first year of Journalism, and so far it has been her favorite class to attend. In Kaya’s spare time, she enjoys listening to (a LOT) of music, including Tokio Hotel, Radiohead, Baby Keem, She Wants Revenge, Kendrick Lamar, and many other artists from varying genres. She also enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and some other various creative outlets. Kaya also loves spending time with animals, including her cat “Baby-Cat,” who was originally a stray but is now a proper housecat. One thing Kaya wants to do one day is attend a Tokio Hotel concert or a Radiohead concert. She also enjoys quite a few movies and shows, including "New Girl," "Criminal Minds," "Heathers," "Tokio Hotel TV," and all of the "Harry Potter" movies, though she says "Goblet Of Fire" is the best one. Kaya’s favorite books include "Lord Of The Flies," "One Of Us Is Lying," "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire," and "IT."  Kaya also enjoys comedians and Youtubers Kurtis Conner, Danny Gonzalez, and the Sturniolo Triplets. Most of all, Kaya enjoys spending time with her friends and family. 
Spencer Cordle
Spencer Cordle, Staff Writer
Spencer Cordle is a 14-year-old student at Heritage High School. He is a part of the General Journal staff but is looking for new clubs to join. He loves all things related to art, music, and cooking. He can always be found listening to music, drawing, or hanging out with his friends. His current favorite band is Insane Clown Posse, but he also loves early 2000s pop. He listens to music all the time and can’t hear people when they talk because of it. He also loves to cook, bake, and watch cooking shows to yell at the contestants, even though he isn’t much better himself. Outside of his hobbies, he also loves to hang out with and help people however he can. He always tries to be there for his friends and family, even if he can’t help much. Family is very important to Spencer, and they are his top priority. He has two brothers and a sister, and he is the oldest of them all. He is very excited to be part of "The Legacy" and cannot wait to see what his freshman year will bring.