Kelli Buckles, Staff

“Lights flashing. Women screaming.” The crowd was going crazy; his adrenaline was building as he did his infamous walk through the audience. One of our school custodians–who wishes to not be named–has a past of wrestling during his last few years of high school. After he graduated, his friends convinced him to participate in a local wrestling match. Being “young and dumb with no common sense,” he agreed and did it just to have some fun. At the time, he never thought he would spend a year competing against countless opponents whom he “doesn’t want to remember.” However, despite the many times he said he would rather not think back to his folly, he still carries his identity-hiding fighting mask around with him at all times. He has even been seen wearing it in drive-thru lines. “Black Bottom Bomber,” his stage name (to further disguise his identity), recalled one of his worst defeats when an opponent by the name of “Bear” picked him up and proceeded to count down from five as Bear was effortlessly swinging him back and forth. Bear then launched him into the audience where Black Bottom Bomber remembers all of his friends cheering him on despite his miserable loss. He refers to himself as the punching bag in these situations; however, he doesn’t regret competing. It was clear to see that as soon as he put his mask on, he transformed to a different person, but he would like to keep this life experience a secret. So we are left with a question: Can you discover the secret identity of the Black Bottom Bomber?