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The Moonlight Serenade: The Best Musical Event of All Time

The Moonlight Serenade was one of the best jazz events of this year. Hours of preparation went into the event, and it was an amazing experience.
M. Petteys

The Moonlight Serenade is an musical event that had performances from the HMS Jazz Band, HHS Jazz Lab, and the HHS Jazz Ensemble. The event took place at Heritage High School on April 20th. There was a very large attendance, and almost 200 tickets were sold. The set list for the bands were amazing. The HHS Jazz Lab played “Birdland,” “Centerpiece,” “Blueberry Jam,” “Funky Stuff,” “Back Online,” and “Trofeo de Bolos.” The HHS Jazz Ensemble played “Gato Garaje,” “Us,” “Always & Forever,” “Strut,” “Letter From Home,” and “The Joy of Cookin.”

M. Petteys

Students had an amazing time at the event. Freshman Jazz player Nicolas Anchondo said “It’s a lot of fun, but it is a really long day. However, at the end of the day, we could perform with your friends while having fun, and it was amazing.” Hours upon hours of practice went into this performance. The Jazz students got there an hour early four days a week in order to prepare. Rehearsals kept Jazz students there two hours longer each day, but the performance was worth it The Moonlight Serenade is also very emotional to some people. The reason for this is it is the last major jazz event senior students will have.  “I’ve been in Jazz since I was a freshman, and I’m definitely going to miss everyone,” senior Hayden Buckman said. “I felt like it went really well, so I’m pretty proud of it. I mean, everyone worked hard to make sure it was a great performance, and it was great.” The Moonlight Serenade was an amazing experience.

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