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Snagged the Flag: Heritage’s 2024 Flag Football Team

For the new fall season of 2024, Heritage High School has started a Girls’ Flag Football team.
L. Peters

Flag Football is a new sport at Heritage High School, which is going to start in fall 2024. Thanks to the efforts of sophomore Addi Dills and Football coach/Spanish teacher Alan Broom, this new sport will be joining the many already at Heritage. Flag football is a Georgia High School Association (GHSA) event, so the team will be competing against other schools in our region starting from Fall 2024. An interest meeting was held on the 15th of April. As a result, 40 people signed up for tryouts. They need to choose seven girls to make a full team.

This sport has just recently started growing and becoming something big in our area; however, it has already been a popular sport in the rest of Georgia. “It’s growing in popularity, and just last week, Tennessee decided they were going to have the flag football team. So, I spoke with the Hamilton County athletic director and we already scheduled some games,” explained Coach Broom. If you are wondering what’s the difference between flag football and men’s football, it’s that team has seven players and that everybody eligible to receive or throw the ball, but there is no really blocking or tackling. 

Girls should definitely join the team if they want to learn how to communicate better. “It’s going to help with a bunch of leadership qualities, like being a team player, you’ll learn how to connect with others,” said Dills. We are so excited to watch our girls compete and win against other schools in fall!

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Sofiia Haidar
Sofiia Haidar, Staff Writer
Sofiia Haidar is a current sophomore at Heritage High School. She is from Ukraine and only got here six months ago at the beginning of the school year. Sofiia is really outgoing, sociable and loves to meet new people. She can speak three languages, which are Russian, Ukrainian and English, so it gives her an opportunity to talk to different people all around the world. In her free time she loves to go out with friends, go shopping, and play tennis. She loves to read psychological books and learn about people’s minds. She is planning to do dual-enrollment as a junior at Dalton State College. Her favorite music artists are Brent Faiyaz, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, and Deftones. Those six months have already been so exciting and great for her, and she is ready for more and more good things to come. She is so excited to take Journalism class and hope she is going to be a part of it and leave some legacy!!