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Varsity Boys’ Baseball Swings for the Fences: Season Wrap-Up

The Generals had a successful season, placing 1st in regions and making it to the Sweet 16 at State.
M. Petteys
M. Petteys

The 2024 Boys’ Varsity Baseball team used their talents and teamwork to bring home multiple victories. With many home runs, double plays, stolen bases, and even a few broken records, the team always had the audience on their feet. They ended the season with a record of 25-9 and won the region championship. Starting off the regular season, the team beat Lafayette (9-0). They let a few games get away from them against Gordon Lee (11-3) and Ringgold (11-1). The following week they came back with a seven to zero win against Lakeview. Then to put the cherry on top, the Generals learned from their past defeat and got back at Gordon Lee (6-2). They won against Coahulla Creek (6-3) and turned around to beat Lakeview again (1-0). The boys rallied up a five game winning streak; they beat Lafayette (11-0), won three times against Southeast Whitfield County (10-0, 16-1, & 15-0), but were defeated in a non-region game against the Brentwood Academy Eagles. The Generals rallied back and beat Cedartown in a three games series (5-2, 10-9, & 14-9). The boys lost the first game out of another three game series, this one being against Central Carrollton (8-7), and they split the double header winning the first game (9-5) and losing the second game (9-2). The team beat Dalton (5-3), but Dalton came right back at them and won (2-1). The Generals ended the regular season with a seven game winning streak against teams all across the region like Cleveland (5-3), three straight wins against Sonoraville (2-1, 3-2, & 6-0), and three consecutive wins against Northwest Whitfield (8-4, 11-9, & 8-2).

All those wins got them a ticket to the State Championship in Atlanta. With many hours of practice in the cages and fierce determination, they started the tournament off strong. In the first round of the state games, the boys secured two big wins against Southwest DeKalb (4-3 & 10-1).  This advanced them to play Seckinger twice in the Sweet Sixteen—once again winning both (8-4 & 4-0). These wins secured them a spot in the Elite Eight, which was a double-header against a very talented team, Starr’s Mill.  The Generals lost the first game (4-1) and sadly fell short in the second game as well (13-4). Although that knocked them out of State early, the Generals still played a fantastic season overall. Through their wins and losses, the boys grew closer as a team, and they will continue to put in the hard work to obtain an even better record next season. 

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Kaylee Brown, Staff Writer
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Molly Churchwell, Staff Writer
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