Clay Mount, Staff

Turkeys are often thought of in the Thanksgiving month. Most people think of them as either existing in vast forests or dead on a platter. Some people simply think their only purpose is to be consumed, but the students of Heritage High School imagine them taped on doors and decorated in feathers.

For many years now, HHS has hosted the well-known and respected Turkey Feather event. This event consists of cut-out turkeys and feathers. The turkeys are placed on every teacher’s door featherless, and the turkeys are granted their feathers only when a student buys one for 25 cents. They are then placed on a teacher’s door chosen by the person who bought it. In the end, the teacher whose turkey has the most feathers wins this great competition.

As always, the teachers at this beloved school enjoy the competition. When events like this come along, teachers quit holding hands and embrace the competitiveness so often held back. If they were not teachers and there were not kids or a law around, they would crush anything in their way. Students love seeing this rare sight when teacher-on-teacher combat evolves out of events like this.

All the proceeds of this great feathery war will go to the less fortunate. So, yes, there is an even greater reward in buying feathers than just having your favorite teacher win. Kids who do not usually receive a plethora of presents on Christmas will experience a difference this year. Every feather goes to buying these kids presents. When students calculate all the time and effort put into their very own, they might be surprised at how cared for they really are. The sacrifice that is put into them is not something they earned but simply inherited. Why shouldn’t everyone feel as though he or she is cared for?

HHS faculty members are always trying to find an event to help a cause that genuinely helps people and that makes our teachers simply brilliant. At the Taj Mahal, students and faculty do everything in their power to help those in need, and that is why students can be proud of their school for more than its appearance.