Emily Blevins, Staff

Senior Jada Hubbard has certainly shown Heritage some skill when it comes to basketball, a sport she has truly grown a passion for. Playing for a total of eleven years, Jada has definitely welcomed basketball into her life with open arms and has loved it since the first moment she set foot on the court. Although basketball is now something Jada is so passionate about, the first time she played was actually not even intentional. At the time Jada was seven-years-old and had never played before. She went to watch a church-league game and ended up being pulled aside and asked if she would help a team out that was short on players. Jada’s mom said go for it, and the rest is basically history. In that game, basketball just came so natural for her, and she had to keep playing. Jada has played for several different teams and has never gotten tired of it. “It’s a way for me to showcase my talent that I’ve been blessed with,” she said, explaining how her motivation is never lost. Besides school ball, Jada plays AAU and loves getting to bring her passion with her as she visits places and meets new people. Jada plans to play basketball in college and she is really looking forward to getting a scholarship. She is unsure of what college she wants to attend but is prepared for her moment to come when she figures out the right one for her. Overall, Jada Hubbard is a confident athlete who plans on taking her game to the next level and has quite a bright future ahead of her.