Charles Tola, Section Editor

Winter is “the best time of the year.”  We have holidays, traditions, snow, and many other things to keep us happy and cheerful through the cold months, but that’s exactly what I want to talk about: the cold or the lack thereof. Our weather here in Ringgold is fairly normal during the other three seasons, but when winter rolls around, that’s when everything gets thrown out of whack. During the winter here, we may experience anything from blizzards to almost summer-like weather, throwing our day off as we are caught off guard. In order to deal with this, we try to stay up-to-date with the weather forecast, but sometimes we aren’t able to. Sometimes, even the meteorologists aren’t able to keep up with the ever-changing weather that we have here in Georgia. There are times that the temperatures can take a drastic downturn after a nice warm day of temperatures in the 70’s or vice versa. There are also times when it can be sunny in the morning and 60 degrees and then be snowing or sleeting by lunch. This ever-changing weather has the uncanny ability to affect not only your choice of wardrobe for the day, but also your mood and well being. The fluctuating temperatures and ever-changing pressure will wreak havoc on people’s sinuses, leaving them with a nasty headache after. Dressing in layers is always a great idea when it comes to our winter weather, as well as having some tissues ready for when you will need them. However you decide to battle against our insane weather, know that it will always come with a surprise one day to catch the weary unaware.