Clay Mount, Staff

General Journal: What kind of ornaments do you put on your tree?

Coach Terry: Snowflakes, birds, glass icicles . . . very nature related. We’re not Wiccan or anything, but we take the Winter Solstice very seriously.


GJ: If you could make a snow globe what would you put in it?

CT: Interesting question. The basic scene would be an old man on a tricycle. Then I would fill it with snotty, tangerine jello and toenail clippings for snow.


GJ: What gift have you most enjoyed giving?

CT: “Santa’s Secret” by Calvin Klein


GJ: What gift have you most enjoyed receiving?

CT: Last year I received some Ariat boots from my in-laws. Wow! Most boots feel like blocks of wood. Walking around in those puppies feels like dancing on angel’s feathers. Very nice.


GJ: Do you like real trees or fancy fake ones that display an unnatural color?

CT: They are a bit of a hassle, but I like real trees. But not dead real trees….the kind with a root ball that you can replant. My mom has a couple of giant 50 foot white pines in her yard that were once Christmas trees.


GJ: If the Christmas tradition of caroling was done away with what holiday would you prefer people singing at your house?

CT: Halloween is tailor-made for some caroling. I make all the kids that come to my house either sing “Werewolves of London” or perform the “Thriller” dance before they can get any toothbrushes or pencils. (Or Arbor Day would be cool.)


GJ: If given the task how would you make baby Jesus laugh?

CT: I’m guessing that baby Jesus would probably be too cunning for a simple game of peek-a-boo. That’s usually my go to move with babies. I’d probably just show him some reruns of Seinfeld.