Emma Peterson, Staff

Have you ever sat down with paper and a pencil puzzling over your Christmas list? It can be hard to make a wish list, because it is more than an everyday shopping list. This article is about my Journalism classmates’ responses when asked the question: “What do you want for Christmas, and why?” The responses I got were very varied. From dirt cheap things to items worth hundreds of dollars, and from simple items to some things you have to think about, here are the Christmas wishes of the Journalism students.

Emily Blevins and Mallauri Cox would both like fashionable items to add to their wardrobe. Mallauri wants new boots, because she loves shoes, while Samantha has some winter outfits she has her eye on, and Christmas seems to be the time to ask for them. The next wishes are more of the practical type. Finley Brisendine would like some new Roshe Run running shoes, because she liked her old ones that have grown too small for her. Novella Long wishes for a North Face backpack, as she has not had her own backpack for several months. She would also like some sweaters. And Charles Tola wishes to receive all the clothes from Christmases past that he had completely rejected as a little kid. He needs clothes.

Noah Clayton’s, Samantha Ward’s, and Elise Jones’s wishes are related to pursuits of theirs. Noah wishes to get some computer parts for Christmas. He is working on building a computer, because knowing how to build one can help you know how to fix one. Then, if his computer breaks, he can replace a part instead of having to buy a new computer. Emily and Elise both want to get better cameras. Emily more specifically wants a DSLR camera. Having finished her photography class, she decided she wants to continue practicing and taking great pictures.

These items are a bit on the expensive side, but still reasonable. Kynsee Newton wants a Kindle Fire to read and watch Netflix on. Ashton Sawyer wants One Direction concert tickets, because she hasn’t been able to go for the past three years. Connor Harlan wishes to receive the record White Light from the Mouth of Infinity, because it is quite rare, and he collects rare records.

Then there are the next five wishes, which don’t seem to fit any category. Alyssa Helmes wishes that her car was paid-off. She is tired of making payments! Greyson Harris’s response to the question was that he wanted Emma Stone for Christmas. He says she is amazing, and he has had a crush on her for a long time. Kelli Buckles doesn’t know what she wants for Christmas. She thought maybe she wanted to have new shoes, but she really can’t think of anything she needs, and wishing for shoes seemed pathetic to her. Kaitlin Kibble has a very selfless Christmas wish this year. She is going to be traveling to Honduras on a mission trip to help unfortunate children, and her wish is to see those kids have a great Christmas. And Clay Mount . . . wants a box. When asked why, he replied, “Because you can do anything with a box.”